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Foreskin Balloon
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I know this kinda of relates to my last story, but I wanted to know peoples thoughts about the way I masturbate. What I like to do with my foreskin is inflate it. If you dont know what I mean by inflate, the foreskin can be filled with air or liquids, making it it stretch and become a small balloon. The way that best satisfies me is when I use any source of a high pressure jet of water. What I sometimes do is place my foreskin in front of a pool jet, which causes it to quickly balloon and become very full and arousing. Sometimes I think I might make it explode. I sometimes use air pumps (like for a bicycle) too. The last way is with a shower head, the jet of water is strong enough to tightly pack the foreskin with water, then I let the stream hit the my bloated foreskin, it feels awefully great. Don't misunderstand this for using vacuum pumps, which would produce a "donut" effect in the foreskin.

Comment your reaction to my story and if you feel it is normal, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that does this.
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"My word!"


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i dont think thats possible because im uncut and it does for me.
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Oh my god, finally i've found people who fill their foreskin with air or water! First off, I'm not gay. I only want to share experiences. Do you have pics? I made a lot, also little movies.
I think I'm "advanced"; believe me, the foreskin will not burst if you try to pop it with a needle. ;)
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@: Hans80
you really have tried to pop your inflated foreskin? O.o
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@: Simon92
We can only hope not.
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No, you're not the only one who does this.
I do that, too and it gives me pleasure.
I normally take a small elastic ring and
wrap it around my foreskin, leaving only a
small nipple on top, just like a balloon.
then i take the bicycle pump and blow it
up till its tight and about to burst.
i often walk around a while with that inflated
foreskin before i get off.
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=P hurray someone who is like me XD
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i to pump up my foreskin with watter but try to go all the way and make it pop it just gets bigger and bigger till its big and shiney if onley i cood get some one mad enuf to do that to me and make it pop for reel in a garreg.
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I also sometimes tried to inflate
my foreskin until popping.
But i just wasn't brave enough when it was
tightly pumped up to pump it up even
What do you meen "if i could get someone mad
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I guess he means, if he made someone made enough to literally make his foreskin explode from all the air/water.
That would suck terribly. XD
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Yes, I too actually, tie a string or band of a sort around my foreskin to keep the air in and inflate it with a syringe to pump up my foreskin very tightly and is very pleasureable.
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i know what you mean i can also inflate my foreskin to double size its kinda fun
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i've been always thinking about how big one's foreskin could be inflated.
also i'd like to know if the foreskin can
be inflated more and more until it bursts.
personally i like the imagination of inflating
my foreskin until it bursts or a girl's naked foot stomping on the ballon to pop it.
the third way might be popping it using a needle.
but i guess i'll never experience one of them,
because i don't like to hurt myself. it's just the imagination that turns me on.
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Well as the author of this topic, I would add a picture if I could for those curious, but I dont know of a way I could do it.
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Perhaps you could upload it to rapishare or imageshack and post the link here ;)
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I'd just like to say, can't wait to get married so my wife could use her lips, wouldn't that be something? ^_^
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i prefer a foot pump, because it can
apply far more pressure and gives her
the power to burst it. i love imaginating
this scenery where she pumps up my
foreskin with her naked feet more and
more, going all "pffft, pffft, pffft....pop!"
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hwo is man enuff to pump up my foreskin with a powerfull air pump.contack me at
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anyone know howhard you can pump it?
i've got this small byciclepump (dunno howmany cc's but not alot) and i make it to the point where it starts to hurt alot (about 7-8 times) by then it's pretty hard but i can still squeeze it a little

i did get to 10 and it was great, i just stoped pumping (cuz of popping) and it started to hurt... badly

wanna talk?
how do i anonymously make contact :O?
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@: squeef
Well honestly I don't think you should do it so much that it hurts. I get mine pretty tightly packed with air and it feels good, but I don't over do it. I recently found a good way to hold your foreskin shut without actually holding it with your fingers, and still it can inflate till it huge. I used to use a string to tie it but that hurt after awhile, but this new thing I do doesn't at all. I pull my foreskin through a #9 (Rubber)repair O-ring, then I use an air needle and pump till it's real tight, I keep it like that till I get off.
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i made up a small adapter for a high pressure
air pump and it works great.
it inflated my foreskin very quickly and
terribly tight. my foreskin got so big, it was
REALLY about to burst! there was no place for
more air in there...
just a tiny little bit more and it would have
popped into small pieces.
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