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Friends mom seduced me
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I was only about 11 and i would stay at my friends house, his parents were very liberal with clothes and would walk around the house in their underware and stuff. One time his mom was saying that i needed a bath before bed, that she would run it for me...I had followed her up to her bedroom bathroom, she said for me to take off my clothes .... she helped with my shirt and pulled my pants down, I remember her nose brushed past my penis, and it freaked me out... she said don't worry she has a bath with her kids all the time... So now she was saying that she was going to have a bath with me ... i was totally naked and she took off her robe, i had never seen a vagina before and i obiously liked it cause she said "Look at you" your going to make a good husband someday" - I didn't know what that meant at the time but i do now. I got in the bath and she hopped in after we were facing each other and she started to pour soap on me and scrubb my chest .. she let the water out saying that i should stay seated so i can get cleaner .... I had a full erection as the water went down she moved closer to me and grabbed me down there .... she soaped it up and with a smile she said her husband wouldn't be happy... i said how come, and she said well "Your pee pee is much biger than his, at that moment he walked in ... and said honey have you seen the... and immedietly looked down at my erection.... he gave his wife a dirty look, and said what are you doing... she said having a bath ... he walked out and she told me to get out and lay on the floor because i had to help her clean herself... i layed down and she sat on me but she put my penis in her vagina.. and moved back and forth ... it hurt the tip of my penis cause it was a small space... I felt like i was going to explode and i didn't say any thing i spat from my penis in her and she looked down at me and said did you go in me and i said yes... when she got up it was dripping out of her, i was soo confused what to do i havent' told any one till now...thankyou
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try telling the truth might help
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lucky guy
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wait, is this a real story?
anyway, i think its kinda normal because there are pedophiles in this world
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you lucky guy
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Actually, that story sounds pretty genuine to me. At 11 you're not sexually developed nor is arousal possible (though erections are, and you might not orgasm; if you do, you might not ejaculate either.) The chances of it feeling good are slim.

It sounds totally believable to me. Unfortunately I don't really know what to tell the OP..that kind of thing can be extremely traumati. Good luck.
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ARE YOU TELLING THE TRUTH!? thts fucking messed up
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dude thats awesome how old are you now?
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It's ok dude just keep it to yourself
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