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Gay thoughts?
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I am 19 and have never thought of being gay in my life... always been attracted to women but kind of felt rejected by them and afraid of them. A month ago I had a random thought I was gay, now it bothers me a lot. I was drunk at a party last night and one of my frat bros I thought was really weird kept rubbing my neck and thigh like I was a girl and it really bothered me, he also kept asking me to go back to the dorms with him which was even worse, but I was drunk and I almost bought into it... is that gay? I don't know what is wrong with me, I keep thinking I am gay but I have always had dreams about being with girls, and just the night before this I had a dream about being with a girl I had a crush on and how great it felt to be in love with a woman... I don't know what to think of myself. I keep hearing about gay people in the media and I keep having to read about them and write essays on the topic in English so I can never stop hearing about it. Is this just me going through a phase, am I just lonesome from the fear of being rejected by girls, or am I weird? Serious comments only please.
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If you still like girls, you're definitely not gay.
If you like guys too, that means you might be bisexual.
But I think you're just straight with gay fantasies.
I think you should satisfy your inner self whatever he wants. If you want guys, go and get them. Don't be afraid to accept your own instincts!
However, as long as you like girls you're not a gay.
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wow, shut the fuck up mistergeetard81 i really don't like you and i've only seen 3 of your comments.

ANYWAYS, you aren't gay dude. If you re-read your own paragraph you note that it was extremely uncomfortable for you to have a guy rubbing you at all.


It's like those fucking prop 8 commercials, there's this little girl who comes home and is like "I learned that I can marry a princess!" I knew about homosexuality at like 6 okay, that didn't make me think I was at all. Go with what your heart tells you.
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its the fucking media man, all kids hear about now days is about gay people, its pounded into their minds. everyone questions there sexuality i guess, but if you dont want to be gay and think you are gay, i guess you probably arent gay.
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Just ask yourself a couple of simple questions pal.
1- Do you like putting your penis inside a mans bottom?

2- Do you like having a man stick his penis inside your bottom.

If you have answered yes to any of the above 2 questions you are a gay.
If not go and find a hobby or a woman to play with.
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Gay this...Gay that all i ever hear on this site?

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Look, you've posted this question before. You aren't gay, stop obsessing over this.
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Everyone has to find themselves, no matter who you are. Everyone also has random thoughts that don't amount to a hill of beans either. We all deal with things in different ways. How we deal with them makes us the individuals we are. I could pick a random thought and obsess and agonize over it and it be nothing, same applies here. You should really only consider this as somewhat plausable if you actually have interest in the same sex, otherwise forget about it and move on. Only if you have a *true* interest that ISN'T just plain curiosity then you should explore it. If you've always been with girls, think about them and having sex with them then you are attracted to them. That you can say for 100%% sure. Since you have no experience with the same sex, according to your post, you can say you aren't gay at this point. Going back to the *true* interest thing, you can say that you are at best bicurious. If it develops and you want to experiment be careful and don't do it with someone off the internet, find someone irl. First time is to say you did it, second time is to see if you actually like it or not and third time is for practice. If you get to number three then you have an interest in both sexes. Evaluate how you feel about sexes. If your emotions lean more towards girls then you're straight, if it leans towards girls and you are still doing stuff with guys then you're bisexual, if you find yourself turning away from girls and not wanting anything to do with them and you're doing stuff with guys only, you are in fact, gay. Hope this helps.
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Could be BI.
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ur not gay at all, you were drunk!
people kill themselves by accident when there drunk, so almost having gay sex isnt ur fault at all.
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yes it is.
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i am gay, and i have fantasies of girls...

i dont think you are gay, just a drunk
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look it is as easy as 123....if u have an unquenchable urge to put a guys penis in yer mouth you are probly Gay.......... conversly if u have an unquenchable urge to perform cullungis on a gurl,well ur probly straight. but if you have an unquenchable urge to eat out a gurl while a guy butt fucks ya....well yer probly bi-sexual...... so i don't know what to say except beat sheep and eat mary.
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i have had the similar problem, your probbaly OCD and obsess over it too much ( like me lol)

i find when i forget about those retarded thoughts about possibly being gay, then i feel fine and everything returns to normal.

feel better dude
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your mom is a gay thought
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just kidding your conscious ain't gay
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Face facts I have and the facts are your GAY!!
Sorry to shock you but got to lay it out.
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If you where gay, you would have known it since pre-school. you aint gay dude
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your subconsious is gay
but your conscious is gay
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