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(girl) likes to mastrubate infront of strangers
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Hi my name is Ashlee (24) and whenever I like to get wet in the ladys' room thinking of hot gurls and mastrubate then smear my juices and the walls and such. I also like to mastrubate in buses, movies theatres, and even whilest walking in the street; It's the only way for me to reach orgasm. I've PAST that phase where it's hot to mastrubate in public places because THERE'S A CHANCE I'LL GET COUGHT; I've taken it to the next level- I INTENTIONALLY mastrubate so that I WILL get cought. When I masturbate in public people stare at me and non of them say a word because they are all too embarressed, and they SEE that I'm mastrubating. I don't realy care though; infact it makes me so FUCKING HOT. I once even got totally naked in a public bench in daylight and mastrubated while people look at me, some even blindfold their kids' eyes. It was the best orgasm I ever had. I'm pretty addicted to it and I was actually raped seven times because of that, two of the times by other gurls (hot ones may I add!).
Is that normal?
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If you're not a 14-year old boy jacking off as you read your own post, I'll eat my socks.
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I do the same thing but I'm male,its so horny and sexy when you see someone walking I grunt or cough so they see me doing it!I was once wanking on a bench in the park and got caught by a man who was going for a jog,he saw me wanking and from nowhere he came from behind and tapped me on the back and scared me!but he only wanted me to wank him off so we took it into the bushes and I wanked him so hard when he cummed he dint even tell me and he filled my mouth with his cock juice just for that I pulled my cock out and insisted he wanked me!so he did and he was amazed how big my cock was for a 18yr old,he even dropped to his knees and started sucking me I didn't know what to do! ”take it further“ or ”end it soon“ so there and then I asked him is this a one off or are you going too meet me again,he said I wouldn't have sucked your cock if wasn't going too see you again!so I was happy and lost my load into his mouth! We met up 2days later at house,I ended up sleeping down his and waking up to a 6inch cock rubbing all over me so hot!
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No I would say that is not normal. Just because it's anti-hygenic (sp?)
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u get raped 'cause u r getting off. They see u and think u r an easy piece. Why don't u find people who like watching u rub ur self?
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(1) Post is by a male because ...
(2) The fantasy is completely atypical for a female as it is aggressive, kinky, AND antisocial. It might make a worthy short story in Hustler, I guess, but next time, turn on your spell checker. Unless mastrubation is some new pastime I should know about.
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yes its normal next time invite me id love to watch
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im sorry but i think this is probably fake
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