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Girl shitting during anal
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Is it normal for a girl to shit herself during anal sex? i am a lesbian and i was doing my gf with a strap on and she crappped all over it, the really disgusting bit was when she tried to get me o suck it off afterwards. NO THANKYOU! After that i refused to use it again so we had to buy a new one. Comments...
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Comments (13)
a little crap on a dick or dildo during anal is common.all good sex is messy anyway.but the part about her wanting you to lick it clean is silly.who would ask that of a partner?
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thats hot ima go jrk off now
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that...is disgusting! Take a sh*t before doing it!
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I am not a lesbian, I am Bi however, if I was in ur situation I would do what you want 2 do only its your choice

My ex and I used to do anal, and he usually needed me to give him oral so he could cum afterwards so I guess it up to individual person
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Yeah, your story is bullshit. But this is a common occurrence. When porn stars do anal, they don't eat for 12 hours before the scene, and also give themselves an enema beforehand.
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Dats nasty
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em... she suppose to know "when" she is ready for some anal action and when not :)

It's normal if she don't know what much about it.
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I dont believe for one minute that any self respecting woman would expect you to 'suck it off'.

I therefore conclude that your story is bullshit.
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normal====until a person gets used to having stuff in their anus when it is stimulated it might bring on the urge to shit.with more use more control over this occurs.but even then a little dookie on the dildo or dick is pretty common.no big deal.
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If you are going to have anal sex with anyone, the proper thing to do is to cleanse the bowels of any matter so this doesn't ever happen again. It is called an enema that involves injection of liquid into the bowels and any pharmacy carries a multitude of products for this purpose. Geeeeeeeeeeez.
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:l I hate anal sex so I don't do it really, but to answer your question...it is not appropriate to lick the shit off! I mean wtf. And the partner should warn when the boogie train is coming so...
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some of you should try going out more!! shit eating is called scat and its no big deal lots of women eat their own shit off the guys dick after anal sex as for lesbians doing it I think you should go to eroprofile and watch some girls having fun
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