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Grieving + vulnerability = sex (for women?)
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My comforting for my friend who was crying about her mom dying turned into me having unprotected sex with her... she hasn't responded to my texts for a week. Did I do something wrong?
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Who initiated the sex? Maybe you took advantage of her, and now she regrets it.
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Was she the one who initiated it?

I feel that you should not try to initiate sex with someone who´s that vulnerable.

For me, as a sex-addict, I always want to have sex to try and easen awful emotions.

With normal women? I don´t know. I don´t think it´s "IWANNAFUCK" that´s their ultimate desire.
Possibly that they want the cuddle and the close comfort you get from having sex and not the sex itself.

Some women uses sex to get intimacy, guys use intimacy to get sex.
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If she hasn't responded I would not keep sending them. People need space to grieve. When she is ready she will come for you.

I doubt it, but if so there is no way you did anything worse than the death of her mom.

The best thing you can do now is give her the space she needs to heal
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