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I get drunk. Then in the morning I feel guilty and cry with sick feeling of alcohol.

I promise and pledge not to drink again and end up doing drinking again the next Friday night.

I have things I do after drinking. People insult me and do inappropriate things while I lack physical strength cause of being drunk and I still drink on Friday nights.

Am I a freaking loser?
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Comments (5)
Not a loser, just an alcoholic. Quit now while you still have a chance. Or embrace the drunk inside you, and go balls to the wall. Whatever floats your boat.
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Only one day a week? You need to drink more often so you don't become so drunk on Fridays.
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@: Murun
I have work... Can't drink on weekdays.. I actually don't wanna drink..
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If you dont wanna drink then try to stop. And since it sounds like you cant, maybe try to get someone to help you.
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At least it's a Friday night and not a Tuesday morning.
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