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Gunk under the toenails
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Every now and then, I like to dig out bits of gunk usually found under the corners of my big toe toenails and then smell it, it doesn't smell good, but it keeps me sniffing...I sometimes do it when I cut my toenails too...normal?..
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Comments (7)
Uh, yeah, slowly backing away from this thread now...
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That's so friggin weird... I just did that right before I read this post! lol
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lol ya normal but weird eh!!
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I was just doing this. smells bad but I can't stop sniffing it!!!
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i have always done this. i love the smell. asscrack sniffing is good too. get some on that on your fingers and you'll be in heaven.
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Duh!!! did you ever smell behind your ears?
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No o.o

What's it smell like behind your ears? My nose can't really reach so...
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