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Guy is it weird when you have pretty girl do nasty things during sex?
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Things such as giving head, licking ass, gobbling balls, taking it in the ass, letting you cum on her face/mouth or better yet any where you want? Are pretty girls supposed to do that? Cuz some guys have this picture painted of pretty girls that they're this up tight person that dont get freaky with their man becuz they're too pretty. Is it normal?
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How pretty someone is doesn't have any bearing whatsoever on what she likes to do in bed. There's a school of thought that suggests pretty girls don't have to try as hard in bed. That's just insane, though. It suggests women don't like sex and only do it to keep a man. It also suggests that men are only in it for sex and/or a pretty face. Neither of those things are true and the sooner we get away from such stupid seterotypes, the better!
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@: dappled
I agree with you with the stereotype stuff but u know how some men think that since she's such a pretty girl she wont do this and she wont do that. Some women think like that too.
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I think that depends completely on the girl, some of them are into this kind of thing and some are not.
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Sex is only nasty when you're doing it right.
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I love a pretty girl who knows how to get nasty. My girlfriend is just that, haha.
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nasty sex horny
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LUCKY!!! she's a keeper!!
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wow you have a lot to learn about women.
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