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I overheard these guys all talking about the sizes of their penis..They said to one guy that the reason why they are "packin" is because they used to have sex with animals when they were younger. Animals such as cows,pigs, sheep, chickens, horses, and even house-cats....I actually saw one of these guys penis before, and I couldn't believe my eyes, HE WAS ACTUALLY HUNG LIKE A HORSE!!!!! I PROMISE I HAVE NEVER SAW A PENIS THAT LONG AND WIDE IN MY LIFE.... Was he just "blessed" anyway or do guys really sex up animals to make themselves huge!!!
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Honestly mate who ever you are, that is the most stupidest post i have ever seen in my life, what pple are shaggin animals, and i carnt see you'r point, you'v seen they'r dicks and they'r well hung that is amazing bullshit so amazin i just carnt get you'r post. Who ever you are you'r deffinatly a weird person just through the crap you'v put.
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there cocks are probably huge because of infectious diseases caught from buggering animals


you are talking pish
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I think those guys knew you were eavesdropping so they let you have a silly earfull ...
For pete's sake, having sex with animals will NOT give you a bigger dong.
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@: Moi
how can ya answer a fucken post like that, it'll be some silly little biatch boys spoutin boloocks ya fucken retard.
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It is not even remotely possible that a human could fuck a housecat. Nor is it even remotely possible that screwing an animal could make a guy's dick grow to any more than normal size. So you think some guy has a large penis? Maybe he is blessed, or maybe you just haven't seen that many. You probably haven't seen how a horse is hung either.
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My next door neighbor screwed a cat and videotaped it. Everyone saw it. He was locked up for animal cruelty.
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The idea of screwing a cat is quite hilarious.
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No, just no this is the most INAPROPRIATE threads ever!
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