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Guys/girls perfume
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Hi. I like the smell of womens perfume and fragrances. Ive never liked the smell of mens fragrances (theyre just too "strong" smelling) is it normal if i wear a womens fragrance/perfume? Thanks. A serious answer, no hate please.
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Comments (7)
It sucks that women get to wear hibiscus secret or lollipop madness or happyday sunnytime... and men must wear skullcrush vengeance machine and scorsese concussion or bicep city.
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I absolutely adore women's perfume and I wear it all the time.
Mind you, I am also a crossdresser some of the time ..... well okay then ... half of the time, only because I refrain from wearing a dress to work. I wish I could dress up all of the time.
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No its not bloody well normal...
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I guess so. I'M a ladybird and when I was a younger chick, I'd wear cologne most of the time. Just one spray wold last the day. I recall Joop was one that I liked..and Paul Sebastian. Mmmmm
As for lady scents, I love vanilla and jasmine, to name a few. How bout you?
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Anything that smells nice really. Thanks for the comment. Hey, would you be interested in chatting more? I can give you my email address if you like.
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My boyfriend occasionally wears perfume. It's not a big deal. Wear what you want, OP.
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Hi ritg4711. I crossdress too. I have been doing it a while now. Dressing up (especially in girl's underwear) makes me feel sexy (and horny!) too bad i dont have IIN Gold. I would love to chat to you more.
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