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Hairy butt
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I am 19 guy and I have somewhat of a hairy butt. Is this normal to have or should i shave it off?
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Comments (12)
i wouldnt shave it off, or it would grow thicker! i have a hairy ass but it doesnt bother me.
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No I knew a guy who shaved his ass and had to get stitches right in his asshole!!!
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You know, ass hair really is a fucking drag. When I was a kid, my shits would come out clean as a skewer out of a well-done burger. Now the goddamned turds stick to everything, creating the so-called "asscracker phenomenon" of which I am not too fond.
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Dude, have you not seen Seinfeld? Don't shave, or it'll just come out thicker and fuller.

Cosmo Kramer is proof.
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SHave immediatly
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honey if some day "become gay" call me, i am available, and is something hot to women and men.
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you can wax if you dont want that shit to come out thicker but i know it never bothered me when i was with guys with hairy asses
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get a wax comes back thinner everytime
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shave it or you will have dingleberries for life
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Shave it!
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Shaving doesn't make your hair grow back thicker; that's an old wives tale. What you people are feeling is the stubby ends of shaved-off hair growing back, and that's what makes it feel thick.

Anyway, assuming you're a guy, it's normal to have hair on your butt. Stop worrying so much; some girls are into the hairy, manly thing.
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