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Happily married, but curious.
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My husband and I have been together almost 9 years, since our high school graduation year. We have been married 6 of those. We have two children, 5 and 3, boy and girl. We have a great relationship, marital, sexual, social, all around great couple. Don't get me wrong - we have issues - if you don't have issues, you're not living.

When our son was a baby, we went to Kentucky for a car stereo competition. After the show, we went to a strip club - my first time. My husband bought me a lap dance as a joke (I think he just wanted to see me with another woman. It's the in thing to do, didn't you know? :)

Strange thing is, I really enjoyed it. Her "physical attributes" were rather pleasant, and she was soft, gentle, sensual, and, well, smelled great.

Now, after almost 9 years in the relationship, I find myself more and more attracted to women. Don't get me wrong - we have a VERY healthy sex life, even after 9 years. I can't get enough, and he is more than happy to please.

My husband has jokingly asked for a threesome (are men ever joking about a threesome?) and I've told him he was crazy. The strange thing is, I have had day-time fantasies about a threesome with another woman, not someone we know, and I pretty much fantasize about all of the motions (pretty much everything one woman can do with another woman).

I'm nervous about talking to my husband about it. I'm worried that, if we delve into that subject, he will either be really overexcited and I will get jealous, or he will think it's weird and it will make us uncomfortable.

I wouldn't even think about it, but it really does consume most of my waking thought.

I have no interest in an extra guy in bed, just a woman. I've even thought about saving up to take him to Nevada (where it's legal to hook up for cash) and find a reputable establishment to experiment.

My husband was my first and only. He had a girlfriend before me, but they were only together one time, and he broke up with her because she freaked him out (psycho).

Is it wrong of me to feel this way? And if I do pursue it, what would be the best course of action? Any tips on how to "break it to him gently"?
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Comments (22)
Nothing wrong with it.

Say "Baby how would you feel about having a threesome with another woman?"

He will likely act shocked for a while because
1.) he won't believe he isn't dreaming & he'll actually be in shock.
2.) He'll want to make sure you realize this is your idea & that you're not baiting him.

Then he'll say "well if you really want to maybe we could try it." and start thinking about all the women he's wanted to sleep with while you've been married.

This is where you have to say "but I get to choose the women." At first he'll be disappointed but then he'll ever so slyly start enquiring about your taste in women.

The ball should be rolling...

A word of advice; he'll probably get jealous and feel a little emasculated by this and may feel it's an open invitation to cheat on you so be careful who you choose.

If your man is fairly open-minded you'll have great fun but if he's not it'll just cause all sorts of problems. It's definitely easier if he entered the relationship knowing you were bisexual.

Good luck!
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If there is one thing that will keep the spark in your marriage, its fantasies. BUT remember thats exactly what they are, fantasies. One thing ill guarentee is should you act out your fantasy you and your hubby will have major problems with your relationship in the future.
As much as you talk about this and seem ok with it, you are asking for trouble if you go through with it.
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i say no. 3somes have a habit of going sout l8r on. you can only truely love one person. thats what sex is realyl about. its defined as a 'expression of love between 2 pple.
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Yes all men do fantasies about 3somes. They do want us to be with another women because it's turn them on and more fun. I am not going to be shy to tell you this. I was once thinking about having 3somes with my husband too. But then I realize that if I do, he might likes it too much and he will bores of my s*x life or no interesting in me anymore. He might goes find someone else for 3somes. S*x is giving you strong love between the relationship but it can take away from you and break you apart from your lover. We're women, we don't want to loose our husband from some other women. I love my husband and I don't want to loose him. So I don't want 3somes anymore. I know you love your husband a lot too so you should think about it before you do.
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i'm curious as to why this story is so damn long....
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too long.
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So, my hubby and I have watched some porn together recently - not for the turn on, just curiosity, and I've found that it turns me on to see other women, and to watch other women WITH other women, but, I gotta say . . .

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i hope my girl turns out like u munchkins
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My husband's friends ask where he found me, and they want a woman like me. I like to brag about it a little. It's nice to be the woman all the guys want! :)
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You're awfully sweet. Thanks for the comments. :)
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*more jealous*
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we have had one threesome but it involved a black man but he wasnt what we were looking for. found him online so we tried again. her new black lover is someone she already knew and thought was hot. this seems to be working out really good. we are becoming friends as well as banging my wife
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depanding on how old you are. *wink
i'mm join you for a 3 some :D
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Say it to him. i'm sure he will agrre
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If my wife of 9 years came to me and said she wanted to have a threesome with some slut, and was serious, I would probably rip her to shreds.

How immature and selfish are you? Want to have a threesome? Go get some man on woman on woman porn and go jack off to them. Problem solved.

You have to be the most irresponsible, lame, just plain faggoty woman I have ever met. Think about how this sounds

Wife: ''I.....I....Want to experiment.''
Hubby: ''Huh...?''
Wife: ''I think I want to have a threesome with another woman.''

Now, you know what that makes me think..? it makes me think my dick isn't good enough for you. That you tired of our relationship and you being the fuck tard you are, want to get drilled by some whore.

You are fucking unbelievable woman, fucking unbelievable. And I'm fucking 14. Grow up.
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You sound like a very hypocritical young man, or a sexually confused young girl, not sure which. I appreciate your opinion, but a little too hostile on such a subject.

I have found that my attraction toward women is merely appreciating the female body and the power that it exudes, not being sexually attracted to them afterall.

Try to be a little less aggressive in your reactions toward information, and you will get further in life.
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"If my wife of 9 years came to me and said she wanted to have a threesome with some slut, and was serious, I would probably rip her to shreds."


So, a little fourteen yr old has all the answers, does he now?

Jr. If your Girlfriend came to you and said she wanted a three way with you, her and another girl, then, approximately twelve seconds later you'd need to go home and change your underpants - having gotten your present pair to sticky to be of much practical use.

Methinks that you, like Some guys, feels somehow threatened at the idea of a woman (girl) requesting sex - or alternate forms of sex!

Grow some fuzz on your danglies, try having sex with a partner for a year or two and then get back to me with how against threesomes you are. (I know men, sweetly!)

@ Poster

Nothing wrong with fantasies, and if you want to experiment, I doubt your husband would have much of a problem going for a threesome with you and another girl. Be wary though for a threesome is just that. You might enjoy having some intimate fun with another woman's girly-bits, but how would you hold up seeing your happy hubby do the same?

The green eyed monster (jealousy) can sometimes appear from Unexpected sources.

Be happy but think carefully

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i think you should fuk another woman and have kids
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what do you want a cookie
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Go and enjoy.

My hubby & I had one and kept the relationship going for a year or so. It was great. Talk to your hubby about it and get his true feelings on the subject.

We plan on doing it again if the situation presents itself.

Good luck !!!
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Omg that is so vile, why do men like threesomes anyway?
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