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Lately I've been thinking about my mothers death a lot. It was about 9 years ago, but lately I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I've been depresed constantly I don't even want to see my friends anymore. I can't stand the site of others happiness and I'm just so confused. Ok well I'll get to the point, would you say that it's normal to still be stressing about my mum's deaths and also, is it alright to be so depressed?
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Depression is a part of life, as is death. Your mothers death will be with you forever. It is just good for you to know that your mothers death was a beautiful thing for her. Although it tears you up, her last moments, no matter how she passed, were the most beautiful moments of her life. When one dies a chemical is released in the brain called DMT. This chemical is what makes death beautiful. Your mother may have spoken with you, your family, and even God. And even though you and your boyfriend arent together anymore you should talk to him, if he doesnt help comfort you then he just may be an asshole
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i think thinking about ur mum is normal, and im depressed i went to the shrink for the 1st time in my life yestarday... it was actually okay and i suggust you go too, cuz they will prob put u on meds and apparently they help alot, and its normal to be depressed like 1 in every 3 ppl have it atleast once in their life.
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yes it's soooooo very normal. you will never be completely over your mothers death (as for the breakup: theres plenty more fish in the sea and all those old sayings). you can be stronger than your depression. you have to believe it because you really can. it's a hard road though. be a tough one my dear. the sun will shine again.
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It's normal and its okay to be depressed, find a healthy activity that you enjoy doing, and do it everyday, meet new people, and most importantly, talk to someone about this
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Everyone cries when something they really love is gone its good i will cry so bad and think about her just ignore it if you still have your dad teell him about it and he will talk about it and help okay no need to be sad
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It's normal. My father died when I was very young and it completely tore me up. I don't know exactly how long it finally took for my family to get me counselling, but eventually they did. I can't remember if it helped me very much, because it took me many years until I was finally able to get over it. I wish I could tell you how I got over it, but I don't know. That or I can't remember.
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Yes and no. Its normal to be stressed, but its not "alright" to be depressed. You just kind of have to let it go. Its unhealthy to keeo holding on like that.
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