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Help me I think my daughters vagina is deformed.
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My daughter is 3years old. Her flaps on her vagina are connected and cover the hole there. Also the side of her cl*t seems to be attached to the lip. The pediatrician gave us a prescription for it, but it only seems to make it worse. She tells me that it hurts. I have never seen anything like this. If anyone knows what this might be or knows any specialist that works with that please let me know.
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Her "pussy" isn't deformed. It's a defect. She needs surgery. If you don't have surgery done on your kid there will be even more problems. GET HER TO A CHILDREN'S SURGEON NOW.
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Go to a surgeon now
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This is a classic example of a question you DON'T ask an online forum, and instead ask a professional. Like a doctor. If they give you more drugs, go to a different doctor.
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