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HELP my 16 yr old wants to have sex with me
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First sorry for the long story but I feel you need to know the whole thing to understand. I am coming to this website because I have no one to talk to about this issue. I am a 35 year old gay man who is a father figure to a 16 year old boy. His father is a dead beat and his mom is a close friend and wants me to be his father figure. I also must mention that the boy is an average to below average child in school. He needs to be taught and shown things to understand and doesn’t read very well. The 16 year old and I have had a lot of conversations about sex and I have handled them pretty damn good I must say. I only fill in his mom on things I feel she should know about and I have always told her I will not break the trust between her son and myself (her son and I have sat down with his mom to talk about things that I felt she needed to know about etc.). He has told me that he thinks he is gay and I told him that at his age it was ok to have feelings for both sexes and that whichever way he chooses to live his mom will be totally cool with it (and she is). Here is my issue: in the past 6 months I feel he has been making passes at me. Please tell me if I’m over reacting or what: 1st time: when he was 14 he asked me about masturbation and I told him he will discover it on his own. But to talk to me anytime he has questions or issues. You see he caught me off guard when he asked me. After that he would ask simple questions like was it ok to do it and should he feel guilty etc. well 6 months ago He asked me to teach him how to masturbate because he felt he was doing it wrong. So as uncomfortable as it was I decided to show him how via internet, some safe masturbation site. He asked me while I was explaining to him what was going on if he should demonstrate to me to make sure he is doing it right. After the knot left my throat and I could speak again I told him that was not cool to do with me nor anyone else unless he talked to me about that person first (he has gotten into fights at school with “straight guys” who he asked them sexual questions because he was curious about there conversations’ , etc.) he dropped the conversation and I went on showing him the website(s). Since then he tells me from time to time that he learned a new way to masturbate and I immediately change the subject fearing he will ask again. I also started to notice that he “checks me out” SO, was that a pass or am I over reacting? There is more but I can only do 3000 characters per story. Please email me if you want to know more.
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Don't do it. just don't
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you needs to prove you really respect him by not giving in to his advances explain that he is like a son to you and you really would feel like you were betraying his trust if you became sexually involved, let him ind someone his own age and save your relationship surely you must recall how confusing you teen years were as far as sex was concerned. I wanted to have sex with almost anything with a heart beat, am still open on the human side
good luck
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This is far from the norm, but not exactly extreme in any circumstances.

First off you need to sit him down and talk to him about it, get everything out in the open in a one on one, and he needs to know that there is absolutely no chance of the two of you being together, by any means of the imagination.

After that, he needs to talk to his mother personally and confide in her about his sexuality, being a father figure doesn't mean you're blood related, and this is a touchy subject that he needs to open to his mother about, and they can take the right cause of action.

He's most probably very confused about his sexuality due to the nature of his upbringing, or possibly bad experiences with girls his own age, resulting in resenting them and wanting to be able to be accepted by someone like him, A guy.

All you need to do is just talk.

That's pretty much "Too long didn't read" = Talk with him, and stress that his feelings are fine, but nothing can come of them, at least with you.
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Well when I was 13
I tired to do the same thing
It's normal
And im prtty shure he's gay
Just to let you knoe
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Your getting off on this. I've read a few different Stories you've typed. You think your not recognised, but you are! Your a Paedo in my Eyes, and you shouldn't be allowed ANYWHERE near this Lad, even though, if like in the U.K. He is the legal age of consent!
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i had been out with co workers one night and came heavily intoxicated and passed out. i woke up in the night to find my son performing oral sex on me. i was conflicted and disturbed but was afraid of the resulting damage a confrontation might do. i had to be honest with m yself and really look deep to make sure i wasnt pretending to be asleep because all things aside, why he was doing was about one of the most pleasurable experiences i had ever had. i made the right choice. i didnt think less of him for being a boy who had sucked his father, i was worried that he might think its okay to molest drunk poeple, its not. i did want to one day go there with him and maybe will, though its been seven years since and hes still not ready. i have been having realtgions with my girlfriends barely legal son as a surrogate instead. he uses me to prevent him fucking his father
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hmmm this is weird but ewwww
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Let him and see if it is better than regular sex wats ur email
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dear god... your son will get along the world less hurt if he was straight
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