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He's gay. Im in love.
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So, there's this guy that i work with and he's definitely gay. We've become pretty good friends and i think im falling in love with him. He's talked about having an interest in touching girls every once in awhile but nothing more than that. What should i do? Is this normal? I love being friends with him but i cant help feeling like i should scream "i love you" at the top of my lungs everyday we hang out. then again, im a bit of a romantic but ive having felt like this before... he's perfect for me, but he's gay. alot of my other coworkers want to have sex with him but i want more than that. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
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If he's gay, then he's obviously no stranger to unrequited love. If only 1 in 20 men are gay, that means that 19 out of 20 of his crushes go unrequited. He sees attractive straight guys all the time but he knows that nothing can ever happen between them. Can you imagine how horrible that must be?

But the fact remains that he is gay. You can't change him. With that in mind, there'd really be no point in telling him how you feel.

But you should know that if you did tell him, he would understand. He wouldn't make fun of you. And if he were to make fun of you, then he's obviously a jerk and he's not worth your time. In fact, maybe if he was a jerk about it, it would help you get over your crush.
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Tell him. See what happens.
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He's gay. You are not his type. Even if he experimented with touching you, what would that mean & where could it go? Nothing and nowhere.

He's not perfect for you, unless by perfection you mean someone who is unobtainable.
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tell him. I had a gay friend who became bi when his best friend told him she really liked him. They are still dating.
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Be gay and let him poke you. And be welcomed to the club
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I'm bi and I see strait guys all the time that I wish I could date but can't so I get how you feel so he should too (I guess I do not know him) tell him I don't think he'll mined to much and maybe he likes you too on the off chance he is bi.
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a girl i know is in love with a gay guy,who also happen to be very good friends. except she touches him ALL the time, jokingley i guess. i would say normal.
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i felt the same way about a gay boy i knew once, but i waited too long to tell him how i felt..he moved away and i wish i would've told him earlier. TELL HIM!
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