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Horseback riders! IIN to feel nauseous after a fall?
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So last night I fell off my horse. It wasn't a bad fall, he was basically walking. I landed on my back and I felt ok, just sore. I woke today with bad neck and back pain and soreness and stiffness in my arm and leg, which I expected, but- I don't know why I feel extremely nauseous and sick. I've never felt sick after a fall before. Is this nausea normal after an injury? I didn't hit my head and I was wearing my helmet. Thanks.
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You could have internal injuries. My friend fell off her horse and got a ruptured spleen. I fell off and got knocked out and they checked me for ruptured spleen also. I think it's somewhat common. You should get checked out! Better safe than sorry especially with the risk of concussion or internal injury.
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go to urgent care
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see a doctor, probably nothing serious but better be on the safe side.
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You can get a concussion even without hitting your head. With enough shock the medulla oblongata "shakes" a little bit and, as we know, the medulla oblongata controls all kinds of wonderful things that show you that you're not fine.
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Did you hit your head? Nausea is a symptom of a concussion.
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Got to hospital urgently sounds like concussion
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Get to hospital signs on head injury
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