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Hot school nurse
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I have a very hot school nurse who is only about 25 yrars old. When I was taking my physical the nurse had to make sure my dick was all right. But when she checked I was as hard as a rock. Do you think this happens to her alot
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Comments (5)
Your school nurse should not be checking your d!ck, unless you somehow injured your d!ck at school.
A doctor should be the one giving school physicals.
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thats just funny i hope you impressed her just hope that its bigger than the rest and yes probably happens alot
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Does she wear sexy nurse outfits like the outfits from Animaniacs?
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hehehehe on my school every ones dick got checked too xD so yeah its normal.....
btw i had somethin simular ^^

Hot Docter in hosbital had to give me a "Full Check-Up" before i could be dismissed from the hosbital XD glad i dint get a boner tough couse im tellin ya it was hard not to XD
i would have been embarresed like hell if i did get one XD
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hot nurse , err normal i guess boner well ur a guy yeah its normal , but her checking your dick ??? depending on your age i see jail
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