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How big is normal for a penis
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Hi i am 16 and i don't know if my penus is small, normal, or big. It is 3 and 1/2 inchs when it is soft and it is 5 and 1/2 inchs when hard thanks for the thoughts.
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thats microscopic. Have a nice day.
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mine is 3 inches, my girlfriend says that's huge
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I heard that the average for a guy is 4 inches (soft) but im not sure if thats true or not.
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its 4 to 5 inches hard is average for the adult male
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It's normal.
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mine is 7 1/2, but ive never seen another one so idk
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yeh i'm bout that age and its 2 when samll and like 6.75 - 7 " when normal ....its all about forplay and love. give her love not just c*ck. though c*ck does help alot
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the bigger the better I say...8" is the best size overall
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Mines 7 i'm 22, Average for the world is 6.25 - 6.5 - Its how u use it buddy, but it helps not to be small.. chicks will get bored if u hav a small cock ...... also Knuckifubuck, is really small my ex fucked him... lol.. sorry m8
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