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How can a teenage boy feel more like a girl?
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I'm a teenage boy and my whole life I've wanted to be a girl. When I was younger, I would sneak in my mom's closet and try on bras and panties just to feel like a girl. Every once in a while a dress or blouse too ;) lol and now that I'm growing up I'm starting to buy my own. I have a bra a few panties and heels hidden under my bed. But I still want more and I still wish I was a girl. I'm also bisexual and think of boys as another plus of being a girl. Am I a bi transsexual or just a cross dresser? Is this normal? and whether it is or isn't are there any suggestions on how a tenage boy can feel more like a girl? :) I would love any feed back and suggestions on becoming more of the woman I know I am :)
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Who wouldn't want to get anal from a hottie?! ;D haha
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I seem to often ponder my identity in such a way. I have also been curious to what it'd be like to be female. I crossdress on occassion and also consider myself bi-sexual. Lately I do my best not to question it and enjoy it for what it is, Life is Short. Live it up
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Make all your online accounts (eg. Facebook, Twitter accounts) as female, and then people will treat you as one.

May The Force Be With You.
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Is it bad that this title makes me think of Almond Joy and Mounds.

Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.

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try wearing the underwear all day. also, never stand up at the toilet. try giving urself anal with cucumber, carrot, corn-on-the-cob, or a dildo if you can. maybe even put a tampon in your ass every month, as though you were on your period ;) sneak into the gals bathroom when nobody's there and use that instead! and try going on women's websites and reading women's magazines. maybe wear make-up on a day-off from work/school?

hope i've helped, 'darling'=D
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I am fiveteen, and used to wonder how many people felt the same as me. Id met some girls who did, but I FINALLY found a 'guy' who did too. You're not alone. I prefer the feminine feel aswell. I make all my accounts female, and so much other stuff. You are allright. :)
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Yeah I feel the same way. I'm a teenage boy and I love to wear skirts and dresses, it's just so much fun to me. I'm still attracted to girls, though. I keep my body non-muscular and feminine so when I do crossdressing I just look like a girl with very short hair and a flat chest.

My girlfriend thinks its very hot c;
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is there a way to feel like a girl except for the clothes??
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i do and feel the same way but i can't dress like a girl because my mom is homophobic and super religious but i do own to leggings a thong and girls panties
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Transsexuals are women inside of men's bodies. (Though F2M transsexuals do exist.)

Given how common crossdressing and feminization are, I'd say it's normal. There's lots of resources on both on the web, but one good source of feminization is ....It's more of an AB/DL site, but you should find it helpful.
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i do this to and i have an imvu account as a gilr its sexybabekelzxxx if anyone wants 2 add it xxxx
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that is normal im a crossdresser too i bought a wig fake boobs make up and a slutty out fit and i walk around and come onto guy bend over wink at guys
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