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How can I get him excited without sex?
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I'm 18.I've been with this great guy for the last month. He's woderful, and I love him more than anything the world, but I have one little problem, and that is that I'm not sure what I can do to sexually excite him. He's always able to turn me right on--we french kiss, then he kisses and licks my neck, my stomach...I'm in 7th heaven when he does those things. It's just that...I don't know if his doing that makes his heart beat faster, gets him excited, leaves him wanting more, takes his breath away, or if I'm the only one getting something out of this...That's why I want to ask you all for advice. What can I do to make sure that he enjoys our being together as much as I do? I'm not hoping for stupid comments like "suck his d*ck" or something. I need some sensible, effective, and slightly more subtle hints, if you know what i mean. What simple, yet seductive things do guys really enjoy? What really turns them on? What can I do next time i see him to make him wish it would never end? All I want is for him to know that I love him, I want to make him feel it... I love him so much... Help me out. Thanks a lot.
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No, no, Urination is a very select fetish. Don't do that. (Unless you find out he IS into it). And can we PLEASE shut up about it?

But definitely wear clothes that reveal the parts of your body that he likes to do stuff to. I sugest something silver, or pink, or white, or better yet transparent.

And believe me, we like to do stuff to girls. All you have to do is give us permission/excuse/pretext/don't resist (Or, at least, don't resist enough to actually stop us) and just enjoy what we do to you.
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Let's see.... you're looking for subtle stuff, aren't you?

Get dressed just for his pleasure.

Ask him what his favourite colour is, and then the next day wear that colour bra.

By a pair of lowriser jeans and get him to "feel" them i.e. grab your butt.

Shave your legs, wear a miniskirt, and get him to feel weather or not your legs are smooth enough.

Whatever his interests are, wear a costume.

Based on the stuff he likes to do to you, wear clothes that reveal his favorite parts.
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When ever i want to sediuce my boyfriend i come up behind him hug him lightly and wisper somthing naughty in his ear then kiss it lighty :)
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Here I am speaking from experience. I suspect he's basically taking "baby steps" (start at the neck, then the shoulder, then the back etc) more for your benefit than for his. I think HE'S not sure that YOU'RE ready.
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I got it; here's an absolutely garanteed way to please a man;

Play a game. pick a game at which you know for a fact that you7'll loose, or, at least, one at which you can easilly pretend to loose.

Then, for the rest of the night, he can do anything he wants to you.
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do what most women do tease him hold him off (not too long now) or do you whole whisperey thingy, involve some cuffs, maybe a nice movie while he waits for his "more than heaven" but never leave the room EVER! also i'd imagine when you french kiss and all he IS already turned on

as for you i congratulate you on such a catch :D
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suck his dick.
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This is very simple and works! Sit behind your boyfriend on the floor. Open his arms and pull them back. Then very gently caress his armpit region with your fingertips only and it will cause instant arousal for him. The skin is extremely sensitive in this area and you will see a reaction and fast!!!! What makes it so effective is someone else touching him there, not the same when he does it. A woman's hands anyplace is a huge turn on, experiment other places. There's a slim chance he may not like being touched in this place if he is overly sensitive. Have fun!!!
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Sit behind him and stroke his hair (assuming he has some), massage his head and neck and whisper things to him
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i get excited doing those things to a girl, a simple kiss can be enough sometimes.
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do what you like.

guys and girls aren't that different, except when they are.
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