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How can i possibly touch my mother's breasts?
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How can i possibly touch my mother's breasts? Give me suggestions. If you think im weird, then please don't comment.
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Comments (11)
You aren't weird you are a fake faggot.
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Just pin her down, pull down her blouse and suck em. Simple.
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Honestly, I wonna do the same. I guess your best bet would be by "accident" you can also just ask her what breasts are like and she might let you touch them?
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Tell her that if she lets you suck her tits , you will let her suck your throbbing pulsating cock and lick your nut sack and pop a nut down her throat and make her swallow your jizzm load.
Even Steven trade.
Problem solved.
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I love jizzm
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ask her!
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I want my mom any hints?
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No that's weird and disgusting.
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She might enjoy it so it is worth asking...
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Tell her that you want to stick your cock in between her 2 tits and titty fuck her anf blow your load right in her face and down her throat while you titty fuck her.
Then she might tell you to fuck her bald cunt and shove your cock all the way up her dirty ass and rip her a new one and she will suck your pecker when it comes out of her dirty poop chute and she will lick your prick and balls until they are squeaky clean.
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just do it its not like theres a cub scout book for that.
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