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How do i masterbate
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Ok i am 12 and i have tried to do evrything to masterbatr fingers toothbrush enything i can get up thair but the only thing that works is the shower head but i have ben doing that for 3 years and is boring evrything els douse nothing for me i need new ideas help
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u've bin masterbateing since u werre nine?
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you need to find something called the "clitoris" (look it up). Also look at a few vibrators... if this isn't quite possible, you could always turn to your playstation controller.

If all else fails you could always smear peanut butter all over the area and let the dog go to town :)
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Go to a large public library and do a computer search on masturbation. There are loads of books on it, written by experts. Check out a few after browsing them at the library. You can also get info via the web but the public library is best.
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confuysed guy, that number is 1 digit to long to be a phone number.

sisophous is right.

also, @ whatto do. I had bisexual relations from ages 4-11. many kids start young >.>
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Im 13- IM me

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a dildo perhaps?
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do not try to masterbate any more it is not working. just have the real thing it feels much better and makes you wild with pleasure. you will wish you had sex sooner. biger is better who aggrees??
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try using somthing longer or thicker that might help
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like what
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why should we help u try to do it, asshole
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