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How many times you'll give without reciprocation
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I'm curious to know how other people set boundaries with other people, When do you know when to stop helping people? How to know they are taking advantage?, What are your limits with people?
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Great question! Look, it's good to help people and not expect anything in return. But you have to use your discrimination on who you help and how many times you help them so you dont end up getting used. Some people like to keep score of who they help but this is ridiculous because helping others is about humility, not just what you can get in return. Some people make deals upfront where they agree to do something for each other and that is fine. All situations and people are different, so if you do choose to help someone, don't automatically assume they will return the favour. If helping someone becomes a continuous one-way street, then you may be getting used. Ultimately, some people are just out for themselves and with experience, you will soon learn how to discriminate these cases from the genuine people in need of a hand. Remember, never let selfish people put you off helping others and what goes around comes around.
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