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How soon is too soon to fall in love?
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So i've been dating this guy for 1.5 months. We've known each other for about 3 months. We instantly clicked. It feels like I've known him for years. We get along great and my dog loves him to death! The other night, he told me that he is in love with me. He told me that it hit him a few days back. I told him that I was in love with him as well and it too hit me a few days back. I feel like I am floating on clouds and I've been in love before... but never like this. Is it too surreal but I love it!

Is it too soon to be in love? Is it normal?
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When I was 22 I fell in love with the man of my dreams after only 3 months of dating we knew we would be together forever. This was 10 years ago and we are still that happy couple that makes people sick.

Don't let anyone poop on your love. Enjoy it while it lasts, who cares if it's normal. It's love.
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You are indeed young, it seems.

And this is something everyone has had to ponder @ least once. Some find it's when they're 13, some not till they're 30. Whether it's legitimate or not is something that can only be revealed to you in time.

And that's because this is a common pitfall among the young and amorous.

You've known a guy for 3 whole months, have been seeing him 'exclusively' for half that time now, and you're convinced you're head over heels. And good for you. It's a fun time. However, you should be cautioned.

"Love" is a concept that is notoriously abused and misused by the uninitiated (see: young, naive, ignorant, unexperienced) because these many assign this declaration to the first time they feel something more intensely than the last time they felt something. Many kids tend to think that 'love' is just the next strong feeling you get with a person which wasn't there before with any others. That is not necessarily love. It just means that you're growing up in the world.

But Love is not merely defined by the smiles, laughing, comfort and euphoria that finds you when the world is peachy-keen between you and your beau. Love's true test comes when you're pissed @ each other. When one of you has hurt the other, sometimes greatly. "Love" is revealed when things stop being easy and when compromise and sacrifice becomes a part of your life. Love when is you can find things you can't stand about them, but accept them still, in all their greatness, or ridiculousness. But love is not only this, either.

Love is defined by you and you alone. It does not have a time limit or an expiration date. And I am not here to tell you that you are wrong about what you think. Only simply, that you would not be the first person to jump the gun on this one. Many have. Many more will. So before you go calling your new relationship 'love,' consider the idea that while love is great... it is work, and it will be difficult - this is the nature of Love. And it's not that Love is a ruse designed to destroy you (even though it can seem that way @ times), but it designed to test you, and to challenge you, and help you become better and greater than you are now. And that cannot come without hardship and perseverance.

And I'd bet that you're asking this question here not because you two have already survived the gauntlet, but more because it's been all sunshine and puppies since the beginning, and you're thinking 'this is so great, this has to be it,' and are looking for a confirmation because you've got vertigo and don't know which way is up.

Give it time. Stop rushing to call this love as if it were a goal. You may be on your way; but I think it may be a little premature to go slapping the L-stamp on this one. If it is love, it is. If it's not, one of you will figure it out soon enough. In the meantime, just enjoy the goodness you've found. It may not always be so -- and it will be hard work to keep it great.

Good luck.

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PFFF COME ON GIRL! Some people can date for 40 years without feeling anything and some fall in love at once, where the heck do you think the expression "love on first sight" came from? Its normal, in fact the only abnormal thing is the fact that you would ask such a question... but...Ahh.. you are in love...

I assure you it is perfectly normal, a sign that you are a healthy human being. Good luck with all of that.
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Of course it's normal. Could it be more lust than love? sure, but who cares to really distinguish it. I use to think that the falling in love point was 2 months. That's when my ex an i fell in love. But now with more man experience i see that there is no set time. It's just how good of a match you have found :)
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people get married on the first day they meet so go 4 it
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A lot of relationships start out like this but fizzle out quickly so before you get too involved you should date him a while longer (maybe 3-4 more months).
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I think it's normal but that doesn't mean it's really love. You think you are in love though. Me and my Friends refer to this as "the new relationship high". Things are exciting now so it's intense but not love.
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Your feelings are really about biology. I think that's more important than trying to figure out if it's love or not.
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normal ,, neXttt lol
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I say about 14/15 years old.
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sweetie ,, maybe what he what is only SEXXXXXXXXXXXXX so just be careful, and maybe he likes you a lot ,, listen the only thing you need to do ,, im talking as a guy ok.. just go and tell him whatever you feel about him ok. and tell him what he wants from you ? love ? best friends ? seX ?? what ?? love or real love just try to figer out ok.. and tell him your feelings ok.. and normaly girls fall in lOve so fast not like boys they do not accept to fall in lOve that easy ok.

i can be your lover if u like ?? hehe kidding only
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