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How to convince my mom to let me crossdress?
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My mom doesn't understand my comeplete desire to look like a girl, and I'm at the point where I want it more than my own life. If there are any guys out there that had this problem, will you tell me how you fixed it?!!! I'd love to be able to go somewhere in a dress, or skirt for once.
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I don't cross dress so it's not a problem I've had. However you saying you want this more than your own life should sound a warning bell for any parent. I'm guessing your mother either doesn't know how serious this is for you, or doesn't understand the compulsion (maybe thinking it's just a phase).

I'm wondering whether you can find either an internet support group (you may yet find support from this post) or a website with stories by other cross-dressers. If you find a story powerful enough to convince your mother, print it out and show her. It's less easy to argue with someone's written testimony than with your own child.
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@: dappled
Thank You!!!!
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You want to convince them to let you cross dress? First of all how old are you? Second wait till you leave to do stuff like this and it should not pose an issue. Is it really that important? Maybe try just wearing more feminine cloth? You do not have to go all out to look like the opposite gender. However to judge this I would need a picture.
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I cant stand being male, trust me, going all out is the only way it will help. Trust me. Ive got sort of feminish clothes already, but clothes arnt everything to it. Im 15 and thats a long wait. I wont send pictures... I refuse to have pictures taken of myself until I at least look the least bit appealing...
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