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How to mastrubate?
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Is it normal to be 16 and to not know how to mastrubate?
I am a girl and I would like to know how I can masturbate.
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Go watch a video
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Put ur finger in ur vagina and take it out then rub it, repeat till u cum
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rub ur clit!
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Says the guy (op) trying to get girls to post about masturbation... You only fool the fools.
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Damn! You saw through my fiendish plan!
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Eh..I think if it was dappled, he'd spell it masterbate...though switching the "r" and the "u" two out of three times would've been a good distraction...if it didn't get spelled right the final time...hahahaha
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heheheh nice one dude
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Finger yo buthole
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Concentrate your action on just the clitoris ......use the soft, rounded tips of one or two fingers...........oh, and the most important part is to think about something that turns you on or read something dirty while doing it. Always works for me! Just remember that a successful masturbation is 30% technique and 70% in your head.....your thoughts. Very few women can masturbate to orgasm simply by rubbing themselves....but add the dirty thoughts or pictures or dirty reading material and you'll POP every time.
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