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How to tell my daughter that I'm in love with her?
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I'm a 36 years old guy from North Carolina and I'm in love with my daughter. Sounds strange? Now I try to tell you why.

My daughter Mary is 9 years old. I loved her, like a father loves his daughter, since my wife died in a horrible car accident.
And then one day I have sat with her watching TV, when I start crying, thinking about my wife. Mary put her hand on my leg to console me. Suddenly i felt comfortable.
The days after, I recognized this feeling more and more.
One day, picking up my daughter from school, I felt again the hand of my daugther between my legs. And i liked it. Why?
We arrived at home and I wanted to take a shower. Cause my penis got very hard, I wanted to masterbate. Suddenly I regonized Mary standing naked in front of me. She steped next to me, looking very hesitating and shy. I let her, cause I felt that we both needed this.

Since then, everyday it could happen that we sleep together, but i don't know if it's right or not.
Can anybody help me? What is stronger: Feelings or morality?
Please reply!!!!!
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Comments (24)
EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Nasty. Dude I doubt this is real but in the event that it is, STOP IT. STOP DOING THAT YOUR KID!! What you need is an actual women your age WHO ISN"T YOUR RELATIVE to bone. And find this person quickly because you are only confusing your daughter. STOP THE SHOWERS, SLEEPING TOGETHER AND TOUCHING NOW!!

Do nothing sexual because that is your DAUGHTER FOR GOD's SAKE!!

But since this is probably fake I suggest use a condom, some lube, and bone to the song "dance with my father" by Luther vandros :P
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@: Wordyo
Amen...if he is real he is messed up!!!
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Do not be supprised when the police kick in your door in THE NEXT WEEK OR SO. Joke or not, I am obligated to check into any allegations of CHILD MOLESTATION reported or admitted by any individual(s),true or false. YOU WILL GO TO JAIL FOR WASTING ANY CITY, STATE OR FEDERAL RESOURCES!!! This include's time.
You are not to bright, are you?
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I really hope your full of shit because thats fucking wrong
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ok ... i dont have anything against love ... but dude this is just discusting , its horrible look ... THEY ARE 3 WAYS TO SEE IT ! ( NOTE MEASURE 3 IS NOT TO USE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH)

1 : just, stop ... go see a spécialist he can help

2: give her to grandparents or an oncle , SUMTHING BUT DONT LET HER STAY WITH YA

3: take a rope , a strong one , and long enought and follow this model, then take a bech attach the rope to sumthing high and strong , then , pass the knot around you knec and jump ( THIS IS A CASE OF EXTREME MESSURES , DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU RELLY WANT TO JOIN YOUR WHIFE ! )

(i just hope for you that this is just bullshit. I will pray and hope 4 u that evrything is gonna be fine ... )
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You are very welcome to come round and discuss this with me and my very understanding friends. We will help you.
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1 word... Nonce
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You bunch of self centered hypocrites!!! living in a world full of hate, murder,suffering beyond belief,you wanna bash love?? aside from human reproduction, this can be a pure love, your society has warped your minds, just like religion has warped so many thru-out the centuries.
Your societal ideology is flawed...
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He did say he was from North Carolina.
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not right!...go get yourself a hooker!
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If your jocking that your REAL fucked up in the head.

IOf your honest than your EVEN MORE FUCKED UP.
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Nice fantasy. I have a 10 year old also
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This better be damn well fake, man, Cuase if it's not I would have you arrested! That is sick. It's more than sick it's... it's just disturbing!
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You are just lonely! You will mess up that girl's life if you stick your big ding-ding in her little body she is not even close to finish developing. What does she have that you are attracted to? I think you need to take some time and be alone for a minute leave the "baby' at your mom's house or something. Because you will get some "SERIOUS' jail time and that girl would probably grow up cutting herself..and we don't want that!
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joke or not motherfucker, i know where you live and i suggest you sleep with one eye open!
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yuck. that better be fake.
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For starters you should not tell everyone that you want to fuck your 10 year old girl. If this you are for real and, she offered you sex then fuck her.
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ok you need to be shot!!!that's just wrong fucking incest
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I honestly hope this is a fake story because you already know the answer to your own question!

It is 100%% wrong and if I knew where you were would turn you in myself! Your daughter should not be showing you her body nor should you be showing her yours! You need some serious help and hope like HELL that know one finds out about your goings on!

I know a guy here in my home town that was highly respected that was found out to be banging his 13 yr old daughter! He is now doing up to 50 yrs and if and when he gets out he will be a regitered sex offender!

Do yourself and her a favor go tuck her into her own bed at night! And if yuo can't do that then see if her Grandparents will take custody of her!
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so far i see nothink wrong with this but sex is a big no no bc u cood risk loseing what u sill got u o radly lost your wife u sure dont what to lose or duaghter 2
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This isn't love, this is sexual abuse, that's what it is. I'm a father myself, and I NEVER dream of having these feelings towards her. And, I swear, if you ever f*ckin touch my daughter, I would f*ckin kill you! I am calling the police!
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I had my Daughter when i was 16 with my Girlfriend at the time . She died when Dakota was 3 in a Car Crash . Nar it isn't weird general , but your story is Fucked Up . I'm in Love with my Daughter , but it's nothing like your Fucked up way . My Daughter means everything to me , she changed my life around . First moment i held her in my arms i was infatuated and all i wanted to do was make her Happy and to protect her . So i got my shit together and ended up graduating University to get a Good paying Job . I spoil her Rotten , my Fiance's parents HATE it haha but she's a A-Grade student and she deserves it . i WOULD NEVER think about her like that or even DREAM , she's my Princess and i love her more then life itself . This better be a joke .
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the drive is too strong for you to control i suggest your daughter live with her grandparents or an aunt. that you seek help for yourself maybe you are seeing your wife's image in your daughter, but you may ruin her for life if you act on this impulse.
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