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Husband wants me to have sex with another man.
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We've been married for about a year. Lately, my husband has been talking about how much it turns him on to think of me having sex with another man. He's brought up the idea of a threesome, or just watching me with another. I have to admit, I'm a little turned on by the idea. Is it normal?
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Is it normal? To actually do it probably not or at least not typical. To have the fantasy is pretty normal. We have been gleefully married 30 years. We began talking out some of fantasies after we had been married just a year or so. We occasionally watched some pornography but not often. After about 24 years of marriage we met a few people that are "swingers". We went to a few dances but just danced. The proximity to people actually doing it raised the discussions we were having to a new level. To cut to the chase we have had sex with others, infrequently but it has happened and that includes the Mrs. having sex with another man while hubby watches and then joins in. It has been fun. We had a profile on a swingers site for a while which we closed down. We have found that "swinging" is an obsession for many of the swing community and has become their self defining aspect of their life. Most swingers we have met are not very careful and consequently we are not interested in hooking up and really do not participate in the events etc. Well back to the subject. It is easier to find a clean, respectful, attractive single male that is not sex obsessed and makes for good conversation etc., that is willing to have a prior to sex STD test, and that would be willing to have sex with you than it is to find a couple. That is to say a couple with both halves being whole, and a single female for a discrete threesome or a ongoing get together. Normal healthy single males seem to be able to enjoy just such an arrangement and respect your boundaries schedules etc. When he begins serious or sexually dating elsewhere he will agree it is probably time to stop. Single males on swinger’s sites are an exception in our experience. Most single males on swingers sites, we have found, as we have done just a little due diligence are not single and the majorities are not honest. We are not playing around at all at present or for sometime really but we do have a good friend that is single now that he is divorced (His x-wife was a real bitchy, greedy sort) and not dating anyone seriously that likes to politely flirt with the Mrs. when we get coffee or dinner. We are thinking about talking to him about having some sexual fun. He a bit older is a doctor and super busy, as we are, and he is black and not a Mormon and living in Utah so his dating life sort of sucks. We suspect that he would enjoy the arrangement as much as we would.
If you both are mature and really know it is something you would enjoy then be careful and plan, plan, plan. We would suggest that there needs to be trust and a good friendly relationship with the gentleman before you take the step. Someone you both enjoy socializing with enough that sex is not the focal point of the relationship.
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My wife had a hot affair with a teenaged neighbor shortly after we got wed. He used to come over and fuck her silly while I was at work. She said he had a HUGE cock, like a 9 or 10 incher! She was already p.g., so at least she did not have to worry about him getting her that way. One day when I had to work a double shift, they fucked 4 or 5 times, and he really wore her out that day. After several close calls, of almost getting caught in the nasty act, she finally called the affair off. It lasted several months, continuing after she had the baby. They used to have some good raunchy times. When she told me about it, it kind of turned me on, as did her stories of sex with her horny brothers, but I have never asked her to fuck some other guy.
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@: ZOR69
ZOR Your married life is screwed up your wife having sex with her brothers is sick.

Get rid of her she will go on having sex with others. I don't me to tell you how to live, just get rid of her
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@: ZOR69
@ZOR69 That shit is hot! Please do tell more stories about that affair
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if both of you really like the idea, then go for it.
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Beware the law of unintended consequences. Things that seem bright and shiny in the short run can really stink over the long haul.
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Don't do it! My husband & I have been married 15 years....he's into the same thing. He encouraged me to sleep with other men - I resisted and hated him for even the thought for YEARS...I finally gave in (or he wore me down) and now have fallen in love with the guy he found for me. We have children, and now our family is on the brink of falling apart. Trust me -it's fun and really hot at the time...but the consequences are devastating. You ought to get serious counseling to get inside his head to find out why he enjoys this. my husband refused counseling (thought he didn't need it) and i wish early on I wold have looked into this further. now it's about to destroy my life and my family.
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Hard to define normal I guess! But to answer your question, it is not that unusual a fantasy for some guys. After 5 years of marriage I knew it was what I wanted, another 5 years to let her know, and 5 years after that she actually went through it. It takes a very strong relationship to let another man into the bedroom, and you need to separate love and sex, of course. Have rules, boundaries, guidelines, and play safe!
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It is not always the man that wants a threesome. My wife and I had a threesome which wasn't even planned.
We were abroad in the Middle East, both of us working. We had gone to a party at a friends villa.the party finished at about one in the morning, to late to drive home. We were offered a bed, his bed, which we took up. We all climbed into bed naked in all innocents to sleep.
I found the situation extremely exiting and after a few minutes decided to try my luck.
I started to feel my wife's boobs, she didn't object so my hand went down over her belly and then between her legs. She responded by opening them, so I used my fingers and then got on top of her and we shagged.
When I had finished I laid back down, a voice from the other side of the bed said, "Is it my turn now " my wife quickly replied, " yes "
That is how it all started. My wife was in complete control after that choosing what positions that she wanted to be shagged in.
After having her three times each, we all fell asleep. I was woken up by the bed rocking, on opening my eyes I saw my wife on top of our friend pumping up and down. She told me later that she wanted more and grabbed hold of both our cocks and slid on to the first one to get hard.
Over the course of the night, she had sex twelve times, and really enjoyed it.
We repeated this every weekend for about three months. It was always my wife that suggested it. So it is not always the mans fantasy, women like it as well.
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its not a bad thing, its just frowned upon in today's ignorant and pacified culture.
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he's fucked up.. divorce him... gosh pple have no morals anymore
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