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I am 18 years old and i have never had a girlfriend
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Ok i'm 18 and i have never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl. I have had crushes on a few girls and yet i have never had any response. i am not too worried about it day to day but just wanted to know is it a normal thing, even though i know many people who have or have had girlfriends. Is it my looks, please take a look at my profile picture to see what you think and to see if this the problem. Thankyou in advance
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I put up a story just like yours, but I'm a girl with the same problem. Everbody commented that it is normal, so yay-welcome to the "It's normal not to have anybody" club, have some cake!
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dude its normal am 20 by the i never had a girlfriend or kissed one but hav a few gf its just up to u try and ask a girl out even she would reject u might get lucky wit another.
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Totally normal dude. I never made out with a girl until i was like 22. Girls are scary, get to know a few girls that you would like to go out with get to be friends with them and see what happens, its easier now more than ever with facebook, myspace and all that crap. Personally, the love of my life found my profile on myspace and started asking me about the church I was going to at the time and we started talking and the rest is history. It helped she was aggressive and was in love with me from the day she met me and went on to pursue me, however the most important thing is if you are willing to date her you should be willing to marry her and in that case she has to be your bestfriend. So give it time and take it easy.
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Ok you know whats the problem? You attitude is the problem. Why are you so damn desperate, if you want a girl friend so much, just go online and hit up another desperate girl.
"You wanna go out?"
There, then you can go show off to your friends that you got a girl friend.
So simple, why worry?
girl friends aren't everything. Simply speaking, it is just a title for someone that is interested in you and you are interested back.
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Haha i feel the same way im 18 female and i go out clubbing and have kissed boys but boys never notice me. i wouldnt say im unattractive... ive never had a bf and i would actually like one. .. although i mainly question why a boy would be interested in me anyway :)
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You said you've had crushes and they never responded. Did you ask them out? Do you really want a girl tight now. It's perfectly fine if you don't. Just be careful what you wish for.
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There is absolutely no rush on getting a girlfriend...
Just relax. Get to know some girls. Be funny around them without
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Making yourself looking like an idiot. Have fun and don't get stressed about it.

It's all about confidence :)
Good luck.
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where's the pic?
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