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I am distracted by internet while studying. Is it normal?
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Whenever i open up my books i get distracted and i end up wasting 2-3 hrs on social media. i would like to know whether this is normal or should i doo some changes in me?
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Put a clothespin on your balls.
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You need to go in sprints. Set a timer on your phone for hour or half-hour intervals. In-between you can facebook without worry.
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Close ur damn browser and get your shit done! Then u can go online...
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If your life is divided between social media and studying you're a really deprived person. Go out and get laid or something.
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Same, can't help you but imagining yourself working at McDonald's might work.
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It's is normal you get distracted, yet you can change it as soon as you are ready to do so.
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