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I am jealous of women who get pregnant in unstable relationships.
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My biological clock has really kicked in lately. I want a baby, but with the right person. Right person = someone I want to have a kid with who also consciously wants a kid with me. I don't want a kid through a one nighter. I don't want one through an unstable iffy relationship. I probably have fifteen years left to find an ideal situation and I have some doubts that I will ever find it. Most of the women I know who have gotten pregnant conceived in one night stands or concieved with someone they didn't/couldn't stay with in the long haul. Some have literally tricked men into impregnating them...i can't think of a better way to put it. That is fine for them. I don't care about that so much, as long as they are happy that they are going to have a kid.

I just hoped that any offspring I had would have a better situation than me, as my dad left my mom a few years after I was born. Mom's happy now and remarried, but I spent most of my life without my dad and I always just hoped my own kid would have a different life than myself.

So, I'm holding out, while all these other women I know are becoming 'accidentally' pregnant, and I feel jealous of them. They have one part of what I want--a baby. They don't have the other part, a supportive partner for them and a good dad to their baby, but they didn't let that hold them back, and now they're pregnant or are parents.

Yeah, sometimes the dad grows up and comes back, sometimes 'mom' grows up and is good enough for dad to want to be back, or whatever-an unstable couple breaks up, and gets back together, or somehow, an unstable couple grows stronger as time goes by...but often, it doesn't ever seem to be that way and the kid is raised with just one parent, sometimes never really knowing their other half.

...Is it normal to be jealous of pregos/moms who are not in stable/reliable situations with their impregnators?
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Comments (8)
People get jealous about something good, but you're jealous of women who have a very difficult situation to deal with!!!!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with you?? If you only need semen go to the semen bank (or come to me), but if you want a good husband and a good father for your kids (who should have a better childhood that yours) then wait till the right time comes.
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@: Echoes
Echoes, the jealousy stems from the notion that I feel like the "right time" will never come for me...and these women no longer give or ever gave a f*ck about "the right time", or they became accidentally or almost impossibly pregnant despite really caring about "the right time" at a time that they did not actually consider to be right.
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Yes, you should try to find a man and then think about the baby. If you're obsessed with it, mens will surely think you're strange and won't live their life with you.
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How old are you?
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@: Echoes
Echoes, i am a stereotypical thirty year old when it comes to this matter...
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Im scared of pregnant women any help lol?
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You are looking at it all wrong. Don't put the cart before the horse. Do you want a baby or do you want a family? What does family mean to you?
If you want to give a baby the life you didn't have, find a partner who wants to play the role of father and husband.
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Don't be jealous...feel sad that their life sucks!
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