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I barely show emotion and can't feel empathy.
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I have an incredibly hard time showing any emotion at all. Whether it be happiness, love, sadness, empathy, sympathy, but then I find it very easy to show anger and I get angry easily.

I have very poor social skills, if anyone is upset about something I have no idea what to say to them and cannot comfort them at all.

I try not to let people know too much about me and give them minimum detail if they ask something about me.

Is this normal? Well, it most likely isn't, but I'd like to see what you think I should do about it.

See here, I've not given much detail in this post and I find it difficult to do so.
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Sounds like you suffer from dissociation. Usually caused by emotional trauma. There are most likely emotional parts of you frozen in time and your brain has given you a coping mechanism to keep you from experiencing the continuous pain that you have never recovered from. I would seek help if I were you if you would like to be free from it. You sound like a classic case, but it takes a lot of courage to go through the healing process of it because it means experiencing the hurt all over again, but then, letting it go instead of suppressing it which is what many people do without even knowing it.
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I have broken free of the life u lead now only to assume it again.If emotionality doesn't grip you thus inadvertently canceling out other social behaviors such as religion
(How must one feel faith and believe if he can’t feel anything), you seek other more abhorrent social behaviors because hope isn't something you can feel is it?

Guild neither...

my "condition" was also caused by emotional trauma deep rooted shit man.

I have found in self study that FEAR as a word as well as a “blurish” grey feeling or maybe impending doom, feeling threatened etc. Causes all my emotions to disappear in self defense. It haunts me constantly.

Feelings as nerve endings act as a countermeasure for any physical pain preemptively perceived by the brain that forces a reaction.

I suspect that the brain has a similar reflex dealing with emotional pain

This is all I know I do greatly wish to feel compassion and true love and abandon loneliness forever but the struggle for freedom becomes my very shackles and binds me in fear.
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Give it a go. Honestly, a fresh start helps. I mean a REAL fresh start. For me it took the cessation of regular medication that interfered with emotions, and even that didn't quite do it, even coupled with therapy. It literally took an awful event that crashed right through the wall that sorta stood between reality and myself to get me to start feeling things. And let me tell you- what happened was so awful I cracked and fell apart a lot of times before I pulled myself together almost a year later. Would not suggest it as treatment to your mental ailment. Therapy helps, but a fresh start really helps the most.
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The way you act in the outside world is a reflection of your inner-self. It seems, to me, that you are having a confidence issue. And holy crap, haven't we all! Do you take time at night to reflect on yourself? And if you do, are you happy with yourself? Remember, nobody can trust you if you can't trust yourself.

Let your emotions out into the world man, if they are positive and have good intentions they should return even more intense!

Maybe you can't help people that are upset because you haven't figured out how to help yourself when you are upset. And that is OK, unless you aren't trying to. YOU need to know that everything will be OK for you to genuinely tell someone that it will be.

Let people know who you are! If they like you, you will like them to! If they don't like you, their loss! They can go **** themselves, right?

Chin up!
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This is really good advice!
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U savd my life.all u need is an office and a red couch
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i think you have assburgers
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You should try focusing that anger and only get mad at the right people for the right reasons. What brings a smile to your face? Im sure you feel different emotions but if your having a hard time conveying them just remember life is too short to care about what other people think. Scream shout cry laugh...let it out....

Its kind of hard for me to comment on this post because dont know if you were always this way or if something or someone helped to make u like this?
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my advice tho...try to work on it...try to observe others and thier acions with emotion and slowly put it in to your life. force it. (thats what i do) and when i notice i make others makes me happy. just dont forget cause if your all forcing the emotion one day and not the next. people might think your crazy. lol
i think we all have some crazy in us...i know i do! lol
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I have the same problem. I can't express emotions. People say they have a difficult time reading me. I am in college away from home and when my parents come to visit me I can't communicate with them. I hide alot from people because I participate in various illicit activities and deal with sketch people in the underworld.... which is where I go to escape the mainstream world. I only have trouble communicating with certain people. I have some very close friends that I see on a daily basis... I think the more time I spend with them the easier it will be for me to open up
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This is usually associated with "bottling up" emotions for years and years leaving you filled with so much anxiety and stress that you simply shut down. I've been there myself and it leaves you emotionally numb, somewhat similar to a psychopath. I don't really know what to tell you other than try your hardest to open up.

I'm willing to bet you have some issues that need to be resolved or at least discussed with someone.
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its normal to feel that way. you've been hurt alot so you've develope this wall.people make you like that.try to open up alittle but take it slow you will find it not that bad.
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hmmm sounds similar to me I can only feel limited emotion although im great at mimicking it my mind works on a almost pure logical level I just consider it a logical mind I live by a simple rule treat others how I would like to be treated I think things through watch everyone and everything most arguments can be won by words alone combined with the fact that I stop mimicking emotion when in what would normaly be a stressful environment this scares ppl iv learned to read everything about a person thru reading there body language this is me on another note iv only found one other person like me she has an intelligent and logical mind that draws me to her some ppl have emotion some do not
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I suffer from all this but unfortunately no one knows so I don't have anyone to talk to and even if I did how do I open up? I don't get excited the only feeling I have are anger guilty sadness and overwhelmed to the point of being stuck in bed no motivation no likes nothing. I feel so much guilt towards my kids I don't even hug them just a kiss bye and kiss before bed. I freak over spilt milk I freak over lots I'm out of control. I work 5 days a week and everyday I come Home and feel like shit because my kids want to go out and do something and I'm to overwhelmed and just want to relax and get things ready for bed i can relax. It's weird I can just be standing there listening to people talk or watching them like at a wedding and I start crying.They can trigger my emotions and I can feel theirs even when a team scores a goal I cry from the excitement they are all feeling . I honestly hate it . Why can't I figure out my own feeling?
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hi i find it difficult to show any emotion at all i also take my anger out on the people i love ie my wife and my children i also do not have a great deal of close friends too is there anything i can do to help this before it splits the family apart.
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You might be a psychopath.
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@: Kat444
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i have the same problem and i have children and i love tem so Much but cantseem to show the careing and loving side of me to them or my husband for that matter. i love them and would die for them...but i cant show the normal emotions.
outside and inside of the home i am fun..i joke around alot. and have plenty of friends. i dont think that has anything to do with my problem (allthelonelypeople)
i do recognize the problema nd force it at times but nothing comes naturally.
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hey i am the same way people at school tell me that just cause i don't show any emotions i don't have any i can relate hey i had 2 deaths in the family but i didn't cry at them mainly cause i didn't really know them but hey just keep rollling with your life but i am 15 i still have 2 yrs of highschool left and i will probly just be happy at the end of high shcool and yea i reflect on my past and my actions in the past i always wanted to do my life a different way and sometimes i wish my life was like a anime but hey that is just me
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