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I can scratch white stuff off my skin in the shower?
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Usually on my face, when I'm in the shower and I scratch I get like yellowish/white gunk under my fingernails. What the hell is this? I thought it might be dead skin or something, but I'm very clean. I can scrape it all of but then I take a shower the next day and I'm scratching off this gunk again. What is this? Is this normal?
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Yep...dead skin & oil. Get yourself a loofa sponge and scrub!
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It's dead skin and oil. It doesn't matter how clean you are, everybody's skin does this. Your skin cells are constantly sloughing off and being replaced by new ones.
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jellokatt (18285) Is right its Dead skin and oil I. get that too
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Me too, but not my face, its dead skin, dont worry, its normal
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You might be amused by a film called "Gattaca". Ethan Hawke plays a young man with a dream to trespass his genetic lot in life by assuming the identity of someone genetically superior. However he has to EXFOLIATE scrupulously, scrubbing off any dead skin and loose hair, so that he doesn't leave any stray DNA lying about. Pulling this off well means he can serve as navigator on a flight to Titan and hang out with Uma Thurman. And who wouldn't!? One of my favorite movies.
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Use st. Ives aprocot scrub it's amazing. Use it once a week.
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What everyone else said, dead skin and oil...but I have found that when I use certain lotions there's a lot more of this "white gunk"..i think it leaves a sort of film on the skin in addition to the dead skin and oils. Do you use body lotion?
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get a facial from a good esthetician about fifty dollars.
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Dead skin...Oil.
Don't flip out. :p
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I get white stuff that comes outta my dick in the shower.. but that's bcuz that's where I spank.
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Dead skin.
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My father has a condition known as psoriasis. His is very mild but it does result in him having patches of flaky dead skin in the crevices of his face. My husband does not have this but he develops a similar effect to what you're discussing.

You may produce more oil in your skin/shed more skin cells than others. I think that's my husband's thing.

If you're really concerned about it I would recommend a dermatologist. They can take a look and tell you if there's a danger/problem behind it.
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