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I cannot make decisions
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I can't for the life of me make even small decisions. While I know that indecisiveness to a degree is normal, I'm not sure if this level of indecision is healthy. I experience intense anxiety when faced with any situation that requires me to make a decision. When my significant other asked me where I wanted to eat lunch, I spent a half hour trying to decide and eventually started crying. I don't know why I have such a hard time with these things. Is this normal?
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There's an underlying cause. You may need to talk to a therapist to uncover the root to your anxiety.

I'm no expert, but I normally see this kind of behavior in people who had someone extremely controlling in their life somehow (i.e. parent, partners, friend, etc), who would take over anything and make almost all the desicions, while making you feel incompetent in the process. Not only does it cripple our confidence in desicion making, but makes us super depended on whomever is in control, once that person is gone the other feels helpless or overwhelmed.

Was there anyone who was very controlling in your life at some point, it doesn't matter how long ago it was?
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My wife does it to I stop Asking thing like that I thing of to thing so it help her out it works for me
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Since you started crying, you ought to get your hormones checked. You went out of your way to make figuring out your gender difficult, but if you're female, birth control could be a big cause of this. Never underestimate how much the body controls the mind.
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