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I Can't Stand Little Kids!
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I'm 19 years old and my whole life, I never liked little kids, but more recently I REALLY can't stand them. Any kid over the age of one, and ONLY one and younger IF they're really cute and don't do anything to annoy me (for example: shriek, cry, scream, yell, throw up, piss, or sh*t). My boyfriend has a 3 year old daughter and it HAS to be the most annoying thing on the face of the planet being in the same household as her a couple hours a week, thank God she doesn't live with him or the relationship would have never formed in the first place. The whole time she is there, I'm gonna be in a pissy mood and count down the time 'til she leaves. My boyfriend is always b**ching, "Why don't you show her any affection? Why do you ignore her?"... and I've told him "I DON'T LIKE KIDS!!", why he can't accept that and stop trying to FORCE me to like this annoying little kid, I don't know. That's right, I ignore her, as soon as I walk through the door she comes up, shoving one of her stupid toys in my face, trying to say something even though I can NEVER understand what she's trying to say, so what the f**k? I just wanna scream, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" but nooo, I'd probably be kicked out in a heartbeat, for the rest of my life. She's the biggest little brat I've ever met, she NEVER listens, cries whenever she can't have what she wants (so then he always GIVES her what she wants... so then I get more pissed!), she has no discipline, I sit there and wish SOMEONE would just slap this kid cuz that's what she deserves, but me not being the parent, have no say. The moral of the story, I can't stand little kids, never have, never will, and I'm sick of being criticized for it, and I'm sick of hearing "But that's your boyfriend's daughter, you should be nice to her!", I don't care WHO's daughter it is, to me it's still just another brat. I shouldn't even have to ask cuz I know there's nothing wrong with feeling like this, but am I normal?
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I'm in the same boat. I do not like most children. There are some that I like...mostly the Asian kids that are raised by good parents and have plenty of discipline. But anyway, I digress.
It's REALLY not a good idea to date someone with a child if you don't like kids because that kid will ALWAYS be the number 1 priority for the parent, no matter what. Trust me, once someone has a kid, they either become forgetful and negligent or they devote ALL their time and energy into that offspring. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation.
To all the people calling you ignorant or stupid for hating children, seriously, back off. Most of us (of course there are a few that take hating kids to a really bad level) are NOT bothering you. This girl was only getting out her frustrations. Not everyone likes kids. I don't see the need for saying someone hates ALL kids...there are plenty of nice ones.
I think the reason more people are coming out with their disdain for most children is the lack of discipline, which really is the parents' fault. But when we see a screaming, crying brat it's kind of hard for some people to only think "Damn those parents" without ALSO thinking "Damn that brat!"
Anyway, I think you're normal for not liking kids, because honestly, everyone has their preferences for the kind of people we wish to be around. But seriously, I'd reconsider dating a guy with such a little kid, and a bratty one at that...
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I totally agree with you! I can't stand kids either, and I have one myself thats almost two. My wife does most of the taking care of part, but when it starts crying, I think she looks so stupid, and puts on a big ass show thinking she's dieing because she can't get her way! Now she's starting to slap people in the face for no damn reason, and my wife don't do shit about it, if it was legal, I'd slap the shit out of her right back and teach her a lesson. I wish we never had this kid, I prefer to just live with my cat and that's it! Life would be so much better and stress free! Kids are so damn retarded.
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@: cwwok
Why the hell did you have kids?
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@: cwwok
you're the type of person who should never have been allowed to have children.

i feel bad for your kid
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@: cwwok
You were once a kid... So are you so damn retarded. Think about the kid man. How would you appreciate it if you were told by your Dad that he wished you weren't born. Your child might find the cure to cancer or become president. Think about it man.
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I cant stand children/babies either for much of the same reasons the op mentioned.
It bothers me to no end when people tell me "just wait until you have your own" or something along those lines. I'm never having kids, for many reasons, but most importantly because I cannot stand them.

It would probably be best for the op not to get involved with someone who has a child, feeling the way that they do about the situation. Trying to have a romantic relationship with someone who is a parent, whose child you do not care for, only creates more trouble and pain than it is worth.

Some people simply do not like children. (I most certainly dont!) And theres nothing wrong with that, but it is something to keep in mind when involved with others who have/want kids.
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the problem is that they have to be beaten at a young age to be taught discipline, when they start crying for something that's when they should get a metal belt to the ass, that will teach them, if you do this every time they cry, you will be able to beat the crying out of them by age 2 and you will never have to hear it again

it's for the benefit of the kid mostly, i wish my parents beat me when i cried when i was young

don't be pussy, beat your kid
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@: flikr
thats horrible you shouldnt beat kids with anything for discipline it can lead for them to do anything when they are older all due to what their parents did
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you're totally right, I cant stand kids either unless they're well mannered and behave themselves, but usually these days they dont seem to be. As for your bf he should respect that you cant stand kids and not try to force you to like her.
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don't worry... you're not alone on this one.
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Hey, not everyone likes kids. Thats okay, but I would definatly rethink dating someone with a child. I mean worse case scenario her mom loses custody, or dies unexpectadly. Then she is going to be with daddy full time.
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I understand your frustration since I'm also not a big fan of "kids" unless they are actually charming kids (they do exist!)

Growing up, I was always a very calm kid who didn't need people's attention and I would invent my own little games and blah, blah, blah. I was always peaceful. I had an aunt who was raising my little cousins from HELL so she ALWAYS hated me (and my mom) for really never causing that many problems (except for the normal problems that little kids cause...HEY, IT'S NORMAL!)

I remember being little and feeling like somebody was staring at me at night. It would be my aunt. She would make these ugly demonic faces at me. I never did anything to her for her to hate me that much, you know? If her daughters from hell did anything wrong, she would put the blame on me and I would get punished for it. She's a hairdresser so you can just IMAGINE the hairstyle she gave me. She basically made me look like a little boy!

I did not know all this back then, I was just a kid but let me tell you, as a kid, you remember EVERYTHING that adults do to you. Even if you can't really recall all the details perfectly, YOU KNOW that they had something against you and hurt you. The years we spend as children are our FORMATIVE years for a reason. Children need support.

I know kids can be brats. I TOLERATE them but I don't necessarily love them, but I do keep in mind that it's important for them to be respected, just like you'd respect any other adult.

With this being said, if this child is such a brat, she needs somebody to teach her some discipline. Talk honestly to your boyfriend and try to reach a compromise. I think IT'S TOTALLY normal for some people not to totally LOVE kids, just as you wouldn't love a cat or anything else; but we also have to look at things realistically and try to reach a compromise. A happy medium. As somebody else said here, you don't want this child to grow up totally HATING you, right?
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Little kids are georgous. I.M.O. I'm not that in to babies though, on another note I find pregnant women quite annoying the way they expect everyone to worship them and the conversation always has to be about the same thing (their pregnacy) we know they're pregnant and excited, we don't need to be told a million times, apologies getting off the point there x
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I only like children with the right seasoning and thoroughly cooked. U have to cook em like live crab, Or they dry out and taste shit
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Just leave large pots of boiling water on the edge of the stove, or leave a hot iron where she can touch and dont forget to leave all poisons on the bottom shelf
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you just sound like a bitch to me
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little kids are like that !!!!!!! u were the same way when u were little
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You sound very immature. And its obvious you can't control your emotions at 19, so why should she be able to please you???

She is three years old. Crying is what kids her age do. She is your BFs daughter and its job to love and protect her. If I was him I would dump you if you treated my kid like that. Why not find a man with NO kids???!!!

I bet you will probably just hurt or abuse that kid if he ever marries you. I hope he dumps you before then....
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It's obvious, your a child hater. I am ashamed of you
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so what... no one said you have to read it so dont.
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I just replied a couple of times HERE: .

As you can see, I don't like children and I don't have ANY intensions of EVER having them. Let me start by saying I understand how you are feeling and I totally understand your frustrations.


You ARE in a relationship with a guy that was stupid enough to procreate. His daughter will be there, ALWAYS, no matter if you like it or not.

ALL I am telling you is: "Please don't screw things for yourself just because you can't stand her." You are there for your BF. I can be cynical and tell you "you're young, perhaps you'll find a more suitable guy and yadayadaya". Who knows, you may have already DUMPED this guy by the time you read this reply! But what IF this is the guy you plan on being with for the rest of your life?

Don't let her win, dammit! Besides, she is JUST a child. Hear me out! I'm not vicitimizing her, just trying to be a bit REALISTIC here. In the end, she is just another bratty, annoying, attentionw0rring child that hasn't got a clue and that's probably pretty messed up inside the head because of the break up of her parents. Believe it or not, I do feel sorry for that child because she did not ask to be in this position in the first place. She did not ask to be born. Yeah I know it sucks, but you could have been off worse. You could have been her. She might hate this as much as you do.

Sooo... You have to realize you are the adult and you can make this work- or not. And then you only have yourself to blame. She is going to be there, period.

Think of the benefits. You will GAIN respect and love from your boyfriend if you try to be nice to her and try to 'raise' her a little when she's with you. You don't HAVE to procreate if your man likes children, because, hey... He already made that mistake!

Come on, you DON'T want this kid to grow up hating you! Believe me, you DON'T need the stress! Be a friend to her. She will get older and that's when things will get a lot easier... OR a lot of worse for you if she remembers you as a total and utter biatsh.

Now some last advise... You CAN NOT tell your boyfriend how to discipline HIS child. You CAN try to talk about it. You MUST also make clear she is NOT going to ruin any of your possessions. If you ever move in with your BF, his house is your house and you're not the one that has to put up with the mess- cleaning up after his daughter is HIS job. But that's about the only thing you are entitled to.

If you can work this out for yourself, things will be just fine. And one more thing. If you are THAT fed up with it, simply DON'T be there when she comes over. Stay at home. Stay away until you have ACCEPTED HER. I'm serious. It's for the best.
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What the F*ck, i dont like the annoying ones... but seriously, thats a little stereotypical...
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How many babies does it take to paint a fence? .…….................................... Depends how hard you throw them.

How do you get a baby into a bowl? ........................................
A blender!

How do you get it out?
Doritos !
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i have three of em :(
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Okay, look, you don't like kids, fine, I've got not real problems with that and I can understand, but I'm sorry, I can't see the child as being the problem here.

You are an adult, she is a three year old girl, it's pretty hard to sympathize with you when you're antagonizing a person who's not even half your age and still does not have much of a comprehension of the big world around her. I know you've probably heard this hundreds of times before, but the stuff you've described is what kids do. Sure, it can be excruciatingly annoying but I'm afraid it's not your position to tell your boyfriend how to raise his child, but you could try and talk to him about it. Like the guy a few posts above said, if you decide to move in with your boyfriend, you will have some more authority as it'll be your house too, but it'll only go so far.

However, what I really must suggest to you is that you need to grow up a bit and learn some tolerance. I'm not asking you to try and be an affectionate mother to her, you should not be expected to be, but this child is not out to get you, she's just being a child and one who didn't ask for this complicated situation just like you didn't, and further more , she's always going to be around, again like the guy a few posts above said. Kids aren't pieces of furniture or pets you can just return, they are for life and your BF's daughter is always going to be part of his life, whether you like it or not.

So here's your options: 1) Learn to tolerate this kid more and stop treating her as the antagonist in this situation. If you can learn to be an adult and just put up with her, then situation will get better. The child will respect you more and learn to give you your space and boundaries. It will make the situation much happier for all of you.

2) But if you can't do that, that's it probably best you two break up the relationship. You can't ask him to pick between his child or you because chances are, he's gonna act like a dad and choose his flesh and blood over his girlfriend.

It's up to you. You can act like a grown up and make this work, or (ironically) you can act like a selfish child.
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I have the same problem!! my fiance has 3 girls from his previous marriage. I started out liking them, but they have got to be the most spoiled, annoying kids ever. I watch them while hes at work for their summer break and I am miserable the whole time! I honestly count down the hours till they get to go back. They have no appreciation for anything or anyone they want, they want , they want! they are all extremely over weight and I try and cook healthy for them and tell them no about snacking -they just think im being mean! its like a light switch when he gets home they start acting so perfect, i dont get it he gets respect and i get none!
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i know EXACTLY how you feel. except because im a guy, i feel like punching them in he face instead. i work in a video store, and kids always always always always come in and whine about! OMG! i feel like i neeed to kill someone when they're around. and sometimes its not just one... its four or five of them. but i just grit my teeth and enjure it.

i might reccomed "trying" to be nice to her tho. maybe if you act nice towards her you might build a more positive environment when she's around. then if you get close enough you'll earn your say in what happens when she's around and give the stupid girl some god damn discipline!! XD
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both you and flikr have some major issues - seek professional help, Now.

Like kids or not like them, wanting them to be beaten or hurt just ain't normal, it is sick.

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I agree. Your problem is not that you are less mature than the 3 year old you despise - though you are. Rather, it is that you are so needy and hateful that you shouldn't even be around children.

Do your boy friend & his daughter a huge favour and get out. He obviously lacks the judgement to tell a potential child abuser to leave to protect his child.

So try to find it in your sick and shriveled heart to just leave, and not make a contest between you & an innocent 3 year old for this pathetic man's affection.

Get out - and get therapy around whatever happened to you to make you so mean and hurtful.
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I cant stand little kids either, except for little girls.
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I bet if you had kids of your own you would think differently about them. I admit I hate my life and I hate just about everyone on the planet. But I could never hate a child. They are the only ones who are truely innocent in this world. I would rather gorge out my eyes than bring harm to a child. Children should be love, cared for and protected from the damned adults of this world who are such @ssholes. I want an end to child abuse and poverty. For all you people who hate kid. Jesus would slap the crap out of you.
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