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I can't stand most people
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I don't like many people. In fact, I only like a select few. I can't stand people that are stuck up, people that smack their food, people that use bad grammer, people that judge be for my religion, people that call me immature just because I like to have fun, etc. For example, one time in 7th grade I made a dick joke or something. Then some eavsedropping kid said "Pssh, you're so immature" So I replied "Dude, let me have my childhood" and he said "I have a childhood, I play soccer and football and baseball and I have straight A's" That was the first time I began to hate people. People like that make me want to put a gun to my head because I know there are alot of them out there. Am I normal?
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i no the feeling, really. people r dimwits. just keep the people you like around you.
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I know what you mean, i cant stand people who talk like dumbasses, wannabee gangsters, skaters that talk like dumbasses, (uses words like nigga and poon) and smartasses, and retarded preppy girls, i think its pretty normal, for me anyways.
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I think people are generally good natured, but feel pressured to stick up for themselves and push their proverbial penis in other people's faces for no good reason. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut and be nice to their peers, whatever they think.

I wouldn't dream of just saying to someone's face that they're immature. It's rude. You're dick joke was rude too, but I would have ignored my irritation and just minded my own damn business.

I have two pieces of advice:

Keep an open mind. Just take a moment to consider the what if... what if I said/did that? Does it matter? Is it really something to get all het up about?

Secondly; Smile and bear it.

And don't forget, not all humans are social creatures. Society emphasizes constant social activity, even when it does not come naturally to many of us. Do not feel pressured, take your time and do things your way.

Just don't dick on people while you're doing it :)

Good luck
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Don't worry, there are plenty of bad people, but remember, we all have bad inside. Nobody is perfect, only in their own eyes. Keep looking for the good in people, and try to forgive the rest. And try to be happy.

Oh, and by the way:
"... people that smack their food, people that use bad grammer, people that..."
Grammar not grammer...*

See? We all have our flaws.
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Don't worry kid, you'll figure it all out some day.
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