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I catfished the girl I like to find out of it was me, IIN?
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No, I'm not some crazy stalker! I was just trying to figure this girl out.
I actually watch catfish a lot and think its appauling! I only wanted to figure out if it was just me that this girl didn't want to meet up with. So she's on Tinder as well. I have been talking to her for a bit, over 3 weeks. I invited her out but she ended up working. She doesn't always reply to me so I made a new account added a hot looking chick and pmd the girl I like. I basically wrote how I stumbled across your page, think you're pretty gorgeous, are u seeing anyone, would love to take you out for a drink. I was rather surprised in a good way of her reaction. She laughed and wrote do u say this to all the ladies? Sorry i dont just meet up with strangers but its very flattering. Tbh I'm a bit stumped she didn't say yes as a while ago she told me she met a awesome girl off Tinder! Maybe she didn't literally mean met up in real life? ? How else is this girl going to get a date if she doesn't meet up ? That's basically how u get to know someone after all? She doesn't always text back so how do u get to know someone who doesn't always communicate or want to meet up in general ??
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Congratulations, you're a fucking creep.
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Uhm who in their rlght mlnd would agree to meet someone they barely know off the lnternet ...?
lt´s NOT strange that they don´t wlsh to meet up so soon ...
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Up here by the river the catfish taste mighty fine.
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