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I chew my fingers
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When I get bored I chew the skin on the tips of my fingers. Sometimes I do it pretty bad, to the point where the red layer underneath the skin is showing or sometimes it even bleeds a bit. I don't bite off huge chunks of skin or anything like that, it doesn't hurt that bad while I do it...normally. It hurts afterward sometimes, especially when I handle certain chemicals or acidic stuff. I used to chew my fingernails, but I guess I sort of replaced that habit with this.

Is this normal?
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i used to bite my fingernails and then switched over to biting the skin around them as well. now i only do it when i am really stressed out.
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My friend did that, she stoped by chewing gum instead
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When in class, It was my favorite pass time. Its fun to chew on after you rip it off too, is'nt it. Normal.
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Its normal. I used to do it all the time. Its just one of those habits that will pass over time.
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I do that all the time when I'm nervous and sometimes when I'm bored. I also have OCD, so if there's a little hang nail, I must get rid of it!
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I think this is a pretty common habit. I have been chewing the skin on the tips of my fingers since I was little. It's just like how some people chew on their pencils or tap their fingers. I used to even do it to my toes as well to the point where my big toes got calloused and extremely hideous. It took me a long time to quit doing it to my toes, but I still do it to my fingers. I also chew on the inside of my lips and I pretty much chew at anything possible! :)
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Totally normal, my brother used to chew his fingers when he got hungry on the bus lol.
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Try chewing something else, like a straw, those are fun and free, and you won't be in pain. I'm not saying to do this all the time, but it's to preoccupy your sub-conscience to do something else. The brain is a weird thing, but you can still train it.
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I thought I was the only one who does that! I was chewing them when I found this thread, haha.
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its normal but not a good habit like biting your nails. Your fingers are always dirty just think of all the nasty germs and viruses youre putting in your mouth...
a friend of mine used to chomp her nails down to the pink underneath and she got a nasty infection in her nail bed and had to have the pus don't even wanna know.
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