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I chew on plastic
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Hello, I have a habit of chewing on the plastic rings around the top of pop bottles, sometimes even the caps and the little things inside the caps... I was wondering if anyone else does it and if I could like, dull my teeth, sharpen them, get a disease or something like that. Thanks.
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Like you said its a habit.but if you are eating the plastic you may have pica.Look it up and see if its you.
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who the hell says pop?
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I think its normal to an extent. I used to chew on pencaps a lot, until I got a laptop. I don't know what kind of negative health effects that could have. I am the Walrus (nice beetles song reference) said something about Pica.. I'd look into that, just ot be safe.
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I do this whenever I can, but it's just an odd habit that pisses my family off at holidays and shit, so who cares?
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I do this, and eat the plastic and I don't think its normal or healthy. I have always assumed since its just passing through it won't do damage to my internals, but over the last year or so I have been trying to stop and have now got to the stage where I only chew and spit it out, and even that is only rarely
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That is so wierd, I honetsly was chewing the little ring off of a bottle of water when I read this. I do it constantly... Most of the time I don't even know. It isn't pica as others suggested, because that would imply that you had a "Craving" to chew on it. So, if its an incidental thing that you happen to chew it when you have a bottle of water/etc, then don't be worried. If you find yourself looking around the house for a pop bottle so you can chew the ring, or if you purchase water/pop just to chew the rings, then something either medically or psychologically can be going on.
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i am currently chewing on a pen cap.....that is very nasty...I cant stop myself...its definitely normal my friends do it too...n we r normal....however it is unhealthy as it can give u try to stop, i am stoppin now (pen cap) out of my mouth in 3,2,1.....gone...i did it.....u can too......oh it jus look nasty, so i guess for ethical reasons u sud stp too
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I do that when I'm anxious or bored.
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