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I collect outdated, old encyclopedias.
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I just bought another set that have a copyright of 1968. The writing is in depth. Its unlike anything on Wikipedia. Beautiful old books, they are. Detailed pictures. A snapshot of history. I could learn to do agriculture, chemical engineering, and small surgical operations on my kitchen table. If the internet dies, due to a Dark Age, I will be all set with my books to survive, prosper, and open a school. Nerdy.

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My mom had a really nice old set of encyclopedia Britannica in a bookcase just for them. I have an old Life set of books and a few random old books.

I've said it before and IL say it again.

Older stuff is bester stuff!!!!!
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and they smell nice too
I have a 12 volume encyclopedia from 1959, i guess that's not that old, but they're still cool^^
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I that these books are great for historical value into subjects like Agriculture, Engineering and Surgery, but not so much for the subjects themselves. The reason being that since these books are so old, they don't include crucial information discovered later or worse, they might include information that has been proven incorrect. I'd suggest buying up-to-date books to study these subjects and using the old books as a supplement.
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I have a rather old atlas from the 50s and a couple of old school text books from the same period.

What is interesting about the text books is that they use rather well.... in today's world terms that are no longer deemed acceptable like "Negro", "Coolies", etc.
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My grandparents have a library and it is full of old encyclopedia volumes dating back close to the beginning of the 20 Century.
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Anyone ever heard of The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments, written by Robert Brent and illustrated by Harry Lazarus. It was published in the 1960's. Highly collectible book. It was banned due to being dangerous for children. I don't know much about it.
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Nothing gives you perspective like reading period reference works and old periodicals. Read a newspaper from 1900, or as you, an encyclopedia from 1968. It is sort of like studying history by traveling back in a time machine.
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