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I collect shopping cart handle with store names on it. Is that normal?
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I don't steal them BTW, I only take home the ones from carts that are not near the store and that are already loose from the cart. I have four so far and plan to maybe stick them together (when I have 10 different ones) and put them on display on my wall.

And it's the little plastic thing on top of the handle with the store's name on it what I refer to.
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I collect bread tabs, its a growing collection. Its normal
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I like this. I always want to steal the whole cart but this seems fun too. What happens when you collect all the easy ones and have your hands on a sweet intact specimen though? Will the temptation to tear it off be too much?
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@: wigz
It is!! I find a pen or something and grab it lol
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Hold a black light to it. You'll probably wanna puke.
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Normal. People collect all sorts of things. Beer taps, magazines, matchbooks, even nail polish. Whatever you're into, as long as it's not illegal or hurting anyone..Nobody's business.
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