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I did it with my sister?
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Im 14 and my sister is 16, but back when i was about 10 ,me and my sister were attracted to eachother, whe used to kiss, but that is all i can remember besides me and her sitting on the sofa making out and in her bed doing "things" ... my mum caught us.. thats when we stopped, and the orgasm feeling, that felt like you are pissing but 900 000 times better in her bed and i think she did too

i am sure we went "there" but, i sadly say i loved it and would do it again any day

we have never talked about it. but i know she knows that i ( and her) are thinking about it.. but we pretended nothing ever happend.. shes reeeaaallly sexy (i mean REALLY) nowdays..

am i normal? is this my fault?
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Talk to her about your feelings first when noone is around. If she's says she still thinks about it, go for it. Just make sure you use protection and no one finds out.
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You should have sex with your sister. Just dont tell your parents.
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What the fuck!!!!!!what is wrong with u.No it's not fucking normal!!!!!!!!
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i think u shud ask her if she wants to have sex with u thn wen ur parents are out go to her room and have sex
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Hell if she is that good send her my
But serious,,, no it's not normal. If you and her have sex and she gets knocked up the chance of u 2 having a retarded child is great....HHmmm or maybe that's where your problem started!
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I need to conduct further research to give you a full answer. So in order to help you I need videotapes and pics.
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It is normal to have feelings towords another girl, sister or not, dosnt matter. Have sex with her if its really that important to you.
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you two need some vodka, and little white lies about that you don't remember what you did.
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bookmarked, i think this is real and i'm like salivating with lust just thinking about you two in there, young and innocent playing with each others genitals, and making out with each other with lots of tongue, tasting each others saliva, and stroking each other hair

i want to sleep with my sister, i want to spoon with her
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it's too risky to fu** her, but u can only kiss her and touch her. and remember when u grow up u will forget such these minds.
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most kids are curious... and its nature to do it with the people close to you that are also curious. But now that you are older.... use your hand. Do not have sex with your sister... it isnt right.
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I agree use your Hand.
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i think you should jump off a cliff and see what happens....
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My sister and I do that all the time!

EDIT: I read the story... I thought you were referring to carving up the hollowed out human carcases.

Anyway, no. Do not enjoy it. Suicide is the only way kill yourself. And your sister.
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dude dats not right..
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yo dude your sis sounds like a freak who would fuck anyone but come on u guys are brother and sister
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Yes... it is your fault. Now go have fun with your mutant, no eye-lid having, babies. . . sister f*cker.
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