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I don't eat
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It's not just that I don't eat, but I actually hate doing it. IIN that I would actually hate eating for reasons such as I don't gain calories anyways, it takes up too much time, and it costs too much? I don't know, maybe I'm subconsiously starving myself. My daily meals (only two) are a peanut-butter-jelly sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a bowl of roman.
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I guess you don't want to live a long and healthy life then? You're going to die young and be very ill before you do.

WTF is a "bowl of roman"? Roman what?
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Try shoving it up the other end
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Could just be a temporary thing. Several years ago, my hot older sister had a non-eating thing and, though thin and fit to begin with, lost enough weight that my hands fit around her too-thin waist and fingers touched. She claimed she ate, but, I knew even if she did, it wasn't much or often.

It took my going to her apartment, almost every day, wrapping my hands around her bare waist (she always wore comfy clothing at home, half-shirts, shorts and bra, bikini tops, her tummy was usually well-exposed) and telling her she was getting to thin, let's go eat somewhere, to break of her of the non-eating habit. Even if we just went to the deli for subs, I knew she was eating. Could still get my hands around her waist even a few months later, but, at least knew she was back to eating regularly.

Funniest thing was, wrapping my hands around her became a thing between us, no matter where we were or met. We were visiting a relative's house one holiday season, and she went for a smoke break. I went with her (to get away from people), and told her she looked good. She lifted her shirt up to mid-ribs, and told me "go ahead, I know you want to". I did, and knew her non-eating days were done. She was back to her fit, sexy self.
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I am...concerned.

Please get therapy. This isn't normal. It is NOT normal to hate food!!! :( This is the perfect way to become malnourished. PLEASE get therapy.

You should have a lot of delicious and healthy food. People are supposed to enjoy their food.

Yes it takes time and money to make food. But starving yourself is not a good idea. Maybe try making easy meals if you don't feel like cooking???

You dont need to cook or put much effort into your food, honestly. A platter with fruit, veggies, bread, and hummus is actually a really easy meal that takes almost no effort.
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