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I dont know what's happening to me
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3 Comments im a little nervous..i have not told anyone about this....

I have started competitive swimming at the age of 7, and i think im pretty good
when i hit puberty, i had to miss 5-6 training sessions a week which would make my coach mad (he is a male) but i didnt mind that
when my coach left, ( he was really funny but he trained us well, i was with him for many years) and a new coach came(still male), i liked him, but i started feeling bad vibes from the sport...

i mean, i started thinking about quitting etc..and what turned out fun for me is now what i dread

i dont really want to quit i just wanna get over this phase and become serious again
i dont know if this counts, but im a little popular in my grade( not very popular but more than average) and i started liking boys, and one even liked me, but we were super shy and talked very little...then he left

was it him who triggered this feeling to quit the sport or something else

plz help me :3
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It is normal for interests to change over time.
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How old are you?
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Try sucking that friend off and see how that works out for you.
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