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I dont know who i am.
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I worry a lot, and im so quiet, ive never liked what others like and ive never really wanted to try new things but I push myself when I can. im 23 and have a job in the family business so meeting new people is hard, and going to group activities to meet people is even harder, boyfriend? never had one. My parents worry about me, and my mum has pushed me to do things that I didn't want. We are on good terms now and she still tries to help me. Ive met someone online and we plan to meet even though its taking a while I know hes genuine, but she has her doubts which is normal, but trying to get her to understand is hopeless sometimes.

Also, I don't do a lot with my life, I do a activity outside of work but its full of older people however I still enjoy it, and I go to the gym but I find it hard to talk to people and make friends. And I do go out with my cousin to the pub every once every 2 months or such, even though its not my thing I do it to fit in and feel normal.

My parents worry cause I don't really have anyone, I have afew good friends but they all have partners or something, I want to go to the cinema, bowling, museums and go on holidays, I feel at a lost end.
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I don't really know how to help you except saying "Hang in there", which doesn't help so much. I'm kind of going through something similar myself, it's actually almost exactly the same as you've described except for your family and all. All I can say is that wishful thinking alone won't help. Talking about these kinds of things also seems to work.
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