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I don't know why I'm angry.
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Lately I'm very angry and irritable. I don't know why. I just want to burst out and destroy stuff. Get into a fight. Flip a table (or a car O.o) over. Punch a whole through a wall (a soft one). I just want to EXPLODE!!!! with rage. The problem is I do not know why I feel like this. Up until now I've always been noted for having a very patient personality, and a good temper. Is it normal?
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Comments (14)
There are a ton of explanations. So, let's go most likely to least likely: 1. You haven't dealt with something and this is how it's manifesting. 2. Steroids. 3. Lack of sleep. 4. Depression/anxiety/other mental illness. 5. Physiological issue such as a thyroid imbalance or brain tumor (least likely!!!!)
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anxiety, it happens to me sometimes. There doesnt even have to be a reason for it.
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Sounds like you're having some slight psychological issues. Maybe you need some anger management classes.
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If you are worried about something happening in your anger that you might regret talk to a doctor. If you are like me and hate the idea of pumping drugs in your body to make you a fake happy person then look into saint johns wart. It's a natural medicine that you can buy at walmarts. More natural solution with little to no danger or over dose or loss of personality.
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I went to a doctor it helps
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It's normal. find a way to release anger.
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jeez. men know nothing of periods. periods don't do that to all women and if it normally happened to this person (if they're female) when she's on her period, I think she would have noticed the trend by now. I'm female and have hormal imbalances and I still do not get pms when my period comes. I think the pms stereotype is exaggerated most of the time.
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Guru is very right about the male part haha te female one is dark tho.

You could also be going through withdrawals from something you are dependent on (medication, drug, cigarettes, a person, or any number of things)
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@: JuliusE
I think Guru and you are both right. I did some recreational things and feel a little better. I'm not the type to burst out in rage though (unless extremely provoked). Thanks.
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PMS? I do the same thing every month:)
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Very hormonal :) it's justvyour hormones.... Either you are just getting your period or maybe prego :)
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Ur probably on ur period
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I agree with Guru
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If you're a male masturbate and exercise to spend some of that extra BLARGH!!

If you're a female go and find some guys to play mind games with and fuck over till your whorish appetite is full
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