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I don't like kissing with tongue?
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Right, I'm a guy, 18, and I have just realised that I don't like using my tongue when kissing, it makes me feel sick, and I don't know why.

Is this normal? is there any other guys out there like this?
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Comments (15)
I don't even know how you're meant to do it, to be honest. Are you meant to lick their tongue? Are you meant to just poke around the inside of their mouth? Are you meant to have a thumb war with your tongues? Are you meant to play a hand clapping game with your tongues? Are you meant to just let it lie there, still? Are you meant to get that thing as deep as possible into their mouth?

None of those things even resemble what kissing ought to be like, if you ask me. I'm sure it's great when you're doing it right, but I don't even know what "right" looks like or feels like when it comes to tongue kissing :P
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I don't like kissing with tongues either because most people do it wrong an just slaver all over an it makes me feel sick! How ever some people do it right an its ok :)
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Sounds normal... But I think that wriggly, kinda sickly feeling is what makes it nice ;)
It's like... Tickling... As long as you do it right... Gently...
Drooling everywhere is NOT GOOD!
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I'm the same way. I thought I would, but then I kissed someone and it was just... not what I was expecting. It didn't feel special, there was no fireworks or butterflies and so on. Maybe it's because I haven't found the right person? I don't know. Anyways, it's normal.
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I am scared of French kissing because I'm scared I'll do it wrong.I'm an adult and never outgrew this fear. Anyway I think its not normal how you feel just like I think its not normal how I feel.
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I didnt like it either at first until I did it properly and not slobbery then it was amazing and so passionate
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Many, if not most, people like it, but that doesn't mean you have to do it if it makes you uncomfortable. Just make sure you find someone to date who feels the same way.
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I'm not a big french kisser either.
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I'm an 18 year old girl and i don't particually like it tbh. Feels like slugs in my mouth
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im 20 and i get a little sick. But its usually from nerves and the fact that i don't know what im doing And that i'll probably look like an idiot. Then she'll be all like dude whats wrong with you? your acting weird are you okay? and i'll say yeah all the while thinking "Why can't you just act like a normal confident 20 year old and kiss her without crippling fear of rejection and constantly questioning yourself. god i hate you sometimes. You make me sick". yeah. (the worst part is only about 60 percent of it is made up for comiedic effect)
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I'm the same way, I mean I like to cuz it makes my boyfriend horny as fuck, but i just don't really like it :/ I prefer the neck ;D lol
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You are not alone! I don't use tongue either.i just like to bite and pull their lips sexually with my teeth. (I'm a dude btw)
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Definitely not my thing, and apparently it's what I'm best at. Even if they like it, feel like I'm doing something wrong. Not my idea of intimacy.
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Yeah! It's normal. I'm like that because me and my boyfriend once kissed. He tried doing it and I realized I don't like it.
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Once my sis licked her to tongue with mine it was disgusting but we were young
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