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I dont like my coworker.
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I hate one of my coworkers, that person never really talks to me, maybe only
if that person is in a really good mood, she'll speak to me, and its not often, I cant really open up to that person, because she doesnt really like me. dont know why it bothers me so much, but it does, I am the only one she doesnt like in work, and another coworker who friends with her doesnt seem to understand what I go through, I am starting to really resent her, I have a slight mental handicapp and I can do things as good as anyone else, but have limitations, I am thinking maybe thats the reason because maybe she thinks I am not a team player. I do the best I can and to her its not enough, I wish I can change a few shifts so that I am not working with her everyday
I have no one to talk to about this,
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some people need a fall guy to pick on, someone they can bitch about becasue they don't have conversational skills or other interests. I hope it's not you but it could be. Chin up and smile thru it
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I feel the same way about a couple of my coworkers as well. One of my coworkers seems to do an awesome job, but I never can do it as fast as her. And I think that sometimes the other coworkers notice that, and get bothered by it so they get on my case about it. Shes a nice girl though.

I think you should just talk with your boss to see if you can get your schedule switched around a bit. Remember that it's only the work place, and really anywhere you go there will always be maybe one or two people that you don't seem to have that connection with. You just can't let it get to you, or it'll eat you up inside.

You don't want it to drive you out of the place. And don't really worry about how you do your thing as long as you try your best when you do it. You are only one person.
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Yep. Working for, "The Man" can be absolute Hell. For various reasons..
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I would say pull her to the side and call her on it in a professional manner. You can say that there's seem to be some tension between us and I would like to know why you don't talk to me. This problem is affecting your work life as it is hard to function around someone like that. The co-worker that doesn't get why you feel this way has not been treated this way and until they've been treated this way, they will understand. Also its them not you and she needs to be more professional at work.
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@: gogo45
the coworker is friends with the other one who doesnt talk to me, she tells me to chill out or says that she's going through alot at home, thats effing bull, I hear her laughing with other coworkers and talking with, I am really starting to resent that other coworker's relationship, its only she became buddies with her 18 yr old son, and she's my age, thats pathetic that a grown woman has to be buddies with a teenager, I have no one to talk to at work, no friends that will really listen to me
and not make me feel worse, dont wanna talk to a boss, because it will make things worse, even my parents wont listen to me anymore,
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I quit my job because of a coworker that I couldn't stand to work with. It was a temporary job, so it only made the difference between 4 extra months of work anyway, but you literally couldn't pay me to stay.
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I feel you are not a work to be liked as long as you do your job that is all that matters.
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Avoid her.
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